Friday, 31 May 2013

This Explains A Lot

Wanted to check out the weather for a nearby city.

So typed in "Maple, Ontario" to the Weather Network search engine.

And as you can see, it came back, "Do you mean East Mapleton, Nova Scotia?"

I'm thinking, Huh?  Noooo.....I don't.

"Oh, how about Maple, Ontario?"

Uhhh, yeah, that's what I  typed in.  (I actually typed in "Maple, Ontario" and it abbreviated it to "Maple ont".

But that's not bad compared to some other searches.
Here I changed one letter (okay, and added one) and asked for Naples, Florida.

It came back - after first telling me there's no Florida Ontario - twice, "Do you mean Naples, Alberta?"

"No? How about Florida Paulista, Brazil, then?"

"Ahhh, you must mean Floridablanca Columbia, right?"

It wasn't until its fourteenth attempt did it get "Naples, Florida".  But not before going through every other state with a Naples.

"Well why didn't you say so?"

No wonder these guys can never get the forecast right if this is the kind of logic they are using for something as simple as a name search.

"I'd like the weather for tomorrow."

"Do you mean next November?"

"How about last March?"

"Tomorrow?  No idea.  How about Naples, Florida?"

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

But Other Than That......Beat It!

I know how they feel.

You can only take so much of those Corpus Christi kids......

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

At Least The Lock Still Works

But I'm afraid this fellow is going to have problems with the rest of the bike.

Not unusual in downtown Toronto, though.  I just had my bike stolen from our underground parking garage.  At 10 in the morning1

Boy.  Ball this big that guy.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Is That Right?

But I wonder how many guys smacked into this door before they had to paint this sign on?

Regardless, I'm sure there'll be a few more.... "Can you believe they would paint Garage Closed on the door and not underline it?!"

And on an unrelated note - and something I just found out recently - if you are ever feeling way too good about yourself, just get a passport photo taken.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Baseball Vs Hockey

Was watching a Jays game last night and two players collided.  Well, sort of almost collided.

Not these two, but something similar.  But not as much of a collision.  Sort of a brush by by two of them.

Well, you should have heard the announcers going on about how dangerous that was and damaging that could have been.

If they had sprained or tweaked or scratched something they could have - both! - been out for goodness knows how long.

It reminded me of the Leafs recent playoff series against Boston.

James Van Riemsdyk had taken a stick to the nose and was bleeding like a stuck pig.

Did he go on the Disabled List?  To the locker room even?

No, they stitched him up - on the bench!  Quite the sight.

And back on the ice he went.

Had that been a baseball player, you can be sure he would have been out of action for a couple of months.  And then rehab, and then and then.....

But that's not hockey, eh?

Monday, 20 May 2013

Hey! Spring Has Sprung

That took a while this year.

But kinda worth it.

These little blue guys are suddenly everywhere.

Okay, contest;  three months free access to my Premium TM blog posts to anyone who can tell me what type of flowers (plants?) these are.

What are Premium TM posts?

They are the ones regular readers don't get to see.

All the really good posts.

[Ed. note: Ahhh...the crummy ones go here.    Now it all makes sense.]

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Red Light Roadrunner

I know the U.S. wants Canadians to spend our money there, but this is too much!

They claim I ran a red light.  That's nuts!

But they did include a picture.

Those idiots! I'm in the right turn lane.  With my blinker on.

I remember it well.

We were just coming off the Tamiami Trail, coming over from the Gulf Coast, turning south onto US1 as we started our run down to Key West. (Sounds like something out of a Jimmy Buffett song.)

See?  I turned right on a red.  Big deal.  That's not illegal in Florida.

I came to a full stop and then proceeded. 


They also sent me a video.


Ohhhh...... Ha ha.....

Never mind.

Ain't technology grand? or credit?

Veep veep!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Guess Where I Was


How about now?



Come on!!

Okay, I'm giving it to you.

Was lucky enough to finally get to Key West last month.  Drove down with a pal and had a great time.

Pretty funky little place.

But they never fail to remind you that you're at the southern most point in the U.S.

Never fail.

There is a lot of "Mine's bigger than yours" going on.

Okay, got it!

And, of course, we are both big Jimmy Buffett fans, so lots of  references to his songs seen here.

"Went down to Captain Tony's, to get out of the heat."

Of course, home of his original Margaritaville bar, on Duval St.  And his famous song.

And we are drinking.....?  Anybody, anybody, Bueller?


Whew, that's good lemonade!

This is the Blue Heaven restaurant.

Purportedly the restaurant behind the song "Blue Heaven Rendezvous".  [Ed. Note: enough with the song  references already. We got it.]

Okay. This "tree" is actually a giant, hanging vine from a huge Banyan tree, somewhere else in the restaurant.  It has dropped down and wrapped itself around the safe and isn't going anywhere.

And something else that isn't going anywhere is you, if you get caught by this High Speed Vessel (HSV) that is used to nab drug smugglers coming across from the Caribbean and South America.  It is a Catamaran vessel, with top speed of 45 knots.

I'm guessing that wouldn't be a good feeling, seeing that behemoth bearing down on you as you're sitting on a kilo of coke.  Be a good song, but not a good feeling.

But man, even though it was only early May, that far south it was stinking hot.  All the time.

So I might just head on down to Captain Tony's.  You know why......

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

"Can You Hear Me, Major Chris?"

Looks like Canada has our own Space Cowboy.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield become the first Canadian to command the International Space Station on March 13, 2013.

But even before that, he had been breaking new ground, using technology to bring space into the home's of everyone.  At least everyone with Twitter handles.

He has more Twitter followers than the Prime Minister.  He would tweet stunning pictures of the Earth back to his almost 1,000,000 followers.

As his mission came to a close this week, the Space Station Commander upped the "Cool Factor" ante by recording David's Bowie's Space Oddity, from his own unique perspective aboard the Space Station.  Take a listen.  Space Oddity

Not bad for a Canadian, eh?

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Great Customer Service.....?

......because they have nicely put out chairs for you while waiting for a Customer Service rep?

Or crap products?

.......because they have so many freakin' returns they actually need chairs - and lots of them - for you while you wait to return their crap products.

My money's on B.