Wednesday, 28 March 2007

At Least They Are Leaving Something

At least I hope they are. I think that's something going up behind the church. If not, they're going to have some 'splain' to do to you know who.......

Imagine If They Didn't

One of the coolest examples of building poster art in town. And they are going to - you guessed it - tear it down to build another office complex.

But, I guess Toronto did the same thing in the 60's, but you'd hope we'd come a long way since then in historical preservation. and don't learn.....

Monday, 26 March 2007

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

Oooooo, intimidating warning. But I don't think it's the removing that you have to worry about.

I'm guessing it will be the finding, afterwards, that will be the tough part.


Wow, "Private Property", "Will Be Towed", "No Trespassing", "No Loitering". I think to get their sentiments across, they could abbreviate this to two words......

Sunday, 25 March 2007

Now We're Talking

Funky little place just the next neighborhood over from me. Part of a (unfortunately very small) Toronto Queen St West type area. Generally there's poured concrete/stucco type construction all over downtown, so this neighborhood is a nice change.

There's another old brick type area, called Penny Lane (early 1900's warehouse area), that's being - you got it - torn down to build another high rise complex. All the letter writing and historical designations couldn't save it. Too bad. They'll regret this later.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

So There

Friends gave me this for my birthday. Okay, okay, not this birthday, a few birthdays ago.

But I don't get it - why'd they give it to me? That is like, so totally bogus. So I like told them, "I know you are but what am I?"

But I made it, so I don't have to and you can't stop me.

8 Street Sushi Cafe?

I know 8th Street. And as irresistible as this place looks, you don't want to be eating no sushi on 8th Street. Or on 7th, or on 9th, or ...........

I Don't Recommend This Place Either

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Just When You Thought It Was Over.....

.....and "Bam!" another blizzard. It's a strange city. Beautiful yesterday, an absolute blizzard this morning, white-out conditions in the north of the city and cars slip sliding away. Then, before noon, "Bam!", all was bright and sunny and +7 Deg C.

Wonder what I'll wake up to tomorrow........

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

"Hands In My Pockets"

And because of that, the quickie mart owner just put "bars on the windows". He got robbed just a while ago. And this is the quickie mart in my own apartment building! Holey moley!

I was in there a while ago and about four or five large "sixteen" year olds with skateboards were blocking the door. As I tried to walk in, one leered at me and snarled "Lend me ten bucks?".

I declined, but didn't stay too long in the store, as they were all swarming around the front. Poor Apu, likely didn't sell much that day. And then got robbed a few days later.

Very Appropriate.... for the cafe across the street from my apartment building, considering the neighborhood. And to describe most of the guys that patronize this establishment.

Okay, it's also actually across the street from the end of the commuter train line. Train was smart not to go any further into this neighborhood.

Sunday, 18 March 2007


What a perfect place for an Urban Cowboy to ......uhhhhh......retire........


I guess this "H" stuff really works. But I wonder who had to test A through G?

"Oww, oww!! Gimme B, gimme B!!"

P.S. Don't ask why I was in this section of the pharmacy. Oww oww......

Wednesday, 14 March 2007


Perfect location to open up one of those fancy soup shops........

It's Tempting

As attractive as $3 drafts sound, the little white sign on the door surprisingly contradicts the welcoming "Now Open" invitation above.

I'll come back later........

Thanks for the Safety Tip

I'll just step out into oncoming traffic to avoid the falling ice.

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Who Needs Rome?

I think I'll be getting all my Versace from this little boutique from now on. Calgary doesn't need to hang its fashion head to anybody!

Told Ya

Chicken leg all gone.......


Think these guys are getting their butts kicked? Do you know anybody who's actually paid for a map recently?

Obviously not the city works crew from a few snaps ago......And ironically, they were, as a friend pointed out, just across the street from this very Map Town.

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Better Hurry

Looks like there's only one.


I haven't posted anything in a while since my mother was in the hospital last week. We asked the doctors, what caused this? They said, "'s multi-factoral". That means they don't know. But she's back home now, so that is good.

Now this is an unusually crappy picture, even for me, but it's due to my cell phone-only motif. And this is because, as my friends know, I hold myself to the highest standards of integrity (unless it's going to cost me money) so to get this lovely shot of beautiful meadow flowers, this is a cell phone shot of my PC monitor. Maybe that's cheating - so sue me. Where else are you going to get lovely meadow flowers at this time of year?