Thursday, 21 May 2015

Why Bother......

Some of you may recognize this as the Royal Canadian Military Institute in downtown Toronto.

Well, recognize part of it anyway.

As I had complained earlier New Improved- RCMI?,  not sure if much of the old remains.

So if you are going to save an old façade just to build a honking big condo above it, at what point does it become meaningless?

So how big is this one?  Is it just a few more storeys?

Wait For It....

Wait For It

There We Are
That's better.

It's obvious anyone seeing this building would immediately think "Every time I look at this I think RCMI."

So at some point when they are building these huge behemoths and saving a tiny façade, you have to ask yourself....... 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Read The Fine Print - Part Deaux


Talk about cheek to cheek.

If I was smart I would have taken a picture of the older building, on the right, when it was all by its lonesome.

Before its neighbour barged in.

Boy those two buildings are clmose.

"Honey?  Didn't we used to have a window in the living room?"

"Oh yeah. They came in and bricked that up the other day."

You can barely slide a piece of paper between those two.

Well, I guess the motto is, "No view is safe."

Friday, 1 May 2015

Very Efficient

Well, which is it?

Looks like it's both.

A Days Inn and a Super 8.  [I won't say which one I booked.]

They aren't owned by the some people.

But not a bad way to up occupancy rates.

I Just Might

But I Might Just Be The Only One
Hey, there I am on their bar system.

Only three of us, so not hard to pick me out.

Different Story
Now the next place I stayed was supposed to be a Ramada.

But when I got to the address, it wasn't a Ramada.  But the Magnuson Hotel had a reservation for me.

I said, "Did this used to be a Ramada?"

He said, "...Yeah."

I said, "It still says Ramada on-line.

He said, "...Yeah."

So rather than sharing a hotel like Days Inn/Super 8 and changing all the signs, all this requires is a few plastic labels over the phone!


My only improvement suggestion would be to go one step farther, and change this old sign....


To this........