Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Jimmy's Finally Mainstream?

Holy cow. The "posting" in our corporate fitness centre is using a quote from Jimmy Buffett.

But I bet the little, twenty something blondie fitness girl doesn't even know who he is. I bet most of our flabby, middle aged corporate drones don't know who he is either.

And to top it off, this quote can also be found leading off the Northern Perplextions main page of a fellow blogger. Way to go, Rob. You're no flabby, middle aged corporate drone.

P.S. Note the balmy 7 Deg C temp - that'll melt that darn snow pretty quick.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Careful, Careful

The first few shots (which, ahem, didn't turn out) of this suspended Caterpillar tractor, were tiny little dots in the distance. But as I kept clicking, it kept getting bigger and bigger. Until I heard air horns and a bunch of commotion.

By the time I pulled my head away from the phone thingy, it was almost over my head. Hmmm, is that me that should move? Should I get the hell out of the way? One more quick shot......

[P.S. This is a construction site, not just some Caterpillar tractor floating aimlessly over downtown.]

Sunday, 21 October 2007

That's Usin' Their Noggins

Need place for your office and room for a big hole in the ground?

Put your office on top of the pedestrian walkway. That's a real smart way to save space.

Don't even need a separate roof over the sidewalk.

Hey! Beat it!

Can't ya read?

Although from the looks of the concrete, he's not the first to flaunt the law. Darn pigeons.

That's More Like It

And stay away!

Got It!

They got that pesky bus back.

Now lock it up good so it doesn't get stolen again. Is nothing safe in this city?

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Leads to this........

Holy crap! Literally. Those aren't ice cream drops.

Nice looking, little downtown tree. But full of crows and ravens. And you know what crows and ravens are full of.

Now I've almost gotten over the fact that Calgary doesn't clean up the snow when it falls. But come on! At least clean up the birdie doo doo.

Once in a while.

And it goes for blocks and blocks, all over. Sheesh!

That's Not Kosher (Even for a non-Jewish church)

Is somebody playing games? Wailin Jennies? I think some local Waylon Jennings fans are going to be a bit surprized when they show up at the Knox United Church. Wailin Jennies? Some cheap Rolex knock-off?

Okay, I just Googled "Wailin Jennies" - and they are babes! Hope there are some tickets left. Hope this isn't a typo and that Waylon guy actaully shows up.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Not Sure How Effective

Not sure how effective this security company's alarm system is. A roly poly guy came running out as I was walking by, yelling, "Help! Help! They is robbing us!!"

Lots of Privacy

Like they say....what happens at the Jane Doe Marketplace Cafe stays at the........

Or - you can check in, but you don't check out.

Either someone has very little imagination when it comes to naming restaurants, or there is a very good story behind this name. I decided not to investigate further.

Car Crash....

...à la downtown Calgary.

If You Can Read This........

...you is messed up.

Okay, okay, if you can't read this, you're not backing up to unload. You're still messed up.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Are Ya Sure?

They may want to be rethinking that sign........

Grow, Loonie, grow!

Wet & Wild

Went hiking in Kananaskis Country (just south west of Calgary in the Rockies) and came across an unexpected little gem. Called Troll Falls.

We just started walking along a path and it kept going up and up and up. Luckily we had some guys with us who (said they) knew where they were going. Or I would have been long gone.

No safety rails or built in steps around here. We could have gone underneath the falls to get over to the other side. I guess we could have also lept across the open gorge, but I wasn't doing that either.

So we traversed rivers and streams, hanging on to whatever we could (below).

So when you are straddling a frigid river, balancing on a wet tree and hanging on to another one, photo quality can suffer.

I think this was taken as I was skidding down one of the hills. Or when I was fighting that big bear. Yeah, I remember. He took off pretty fast, obviously, that's why you don't see him in the picture, errrr or much of anything else.....