Thursday, 27 October 2011

Gimme La Break

Now this is one of the places the 99% could be protesting.

Just wait til after I've bought my Swiss....stuff....

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

No, I Insist. After You.

Wow, not often you see the city move the sidewalk just to save a tree.

But it is a real beauty.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

And Neither Are You

...ya darn punk!

Okay, okay, the irony of me posting this is not lost on me.

I'm not working either, but I'm not complaining about it. Except, of course, to complain about the guys who are complaining.

But really, for people in North America and Europe to be complaining is laughable. The rest of the world looks at us and says "You are the 1%."

As a gentlemanly farmer friend of mine says, we won the biggest lottery in the world just by being born here.

You don't like the current system - then vote!

Ontario just had the lowest turnout in history for our Oct 6th election. And which age group had the lowest participation? You guessed it - 18-25.

One guy they interviewed said he didn't like working in the service industry so is just going to coast on welfare 'til something better comes up. So I guess this protesting gig will kill some time.

And do these guys even know what they are protesting about?

"Hey, we want more. Wanna protest?"
"Uhhh....sure. I want more."

Reminds me of a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon where Calvin makes a birthday card for his mother and shows it to his tiger friend, Hobbes.

It says;

"Happy birthday to you,
There I've said it now I'm done,
So how about getting out of bed,
And making breakfast for your son?"

He asks Hobbes if he wants to sign it.

Hobbes reads the card and says, "Sure. I'm hungry, too."

A Competing Protest?

Store owner: "You can't take those cookies."
Cookie Monster: "Me not 'take' cookies. Me 'eat' cookies."
Store owner: "Come on.... What's the difference?"
Cookie Monster: "Eat begins with E. Take begins with T."

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Where Am I?

At the bottom of Lake Iroquois.

Glub, glub....

Where Am I Now?
On the shore of Lake Iroquois.

Who Gives A Crap?Hey hey, now....

Does This Help?
Casa Loma.....

Where The Hell Is Lake Iroquois?It was (about 13,000 years ago anyway) just a little larger than Lake Ontario.

It was a proglacial lake, created when ice dammed up The St. Lawrence River, preventing melting glacial water from escaping.

Hence its escarpment is only a few miles inland from - and 100 feet above - today's Lake Ontario shoreline.

Right where Casa Loma is!

And a hundred years ago made a great viewpoint for Toronto's rich and powerful.

(Further east, the Scarborough Bluffs also formed part of the Lake Iroquois shoreline...)

When the ice dam finally let loose and released the water, it created the ravine system running though Toronto.

Info courtesy of another Toronto Heritage Walk. You're welcome.

Monday, 17 October 2011


A while back I had blogged (ranted, harangued, spouted, prattled on...) about some turn of the century buildings that were clearly "Doomed!" to the wrecker's ball.

Perhaps I spoke (ranted, fumed, etc.) too soon, because, upon further inspection of the hoarding surrounding the site either 1) in my blind rage I didn't actually look at the pictures I took or 2) - and I'm pretty sure this is what actually happened - the developer read my blog! and was shamed into redesigning their project to incorporate the historical buildings.

So they are keeping the fa├žades - and then some.

Looks pretty nice for this area of Yonge St.

Okay, okay, even Don Cherry has to admit he's wrong once in a while....

Sunday, 16 October 2011

True Love?

I stole this from someone.

But I won't say who, 'cause her and her big butt will hurt me.....

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mmmmm......Bacon Jam.....

High sugar and saturated fat.

And likely a few dashes of sodium as well.

I like it!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Sign With Lowest Probability Of Being Helpful

I'm afraid the only way you'll be reading this sign..... if you are face down, after tripping over the broken step (or the sign)....

Monday, 10 October 2011

Hang In There, Little Dude

How did this little guy ever miss the wrecker's ball?

I'll just mind my own business, tucked in between these guys. La la la....

No need to look over here, friend. Just keep moving along.....

Friday, 7 October 2011

The Great One's Great One's House

Or....Walter Gretzky's house.

On a recent trip to Brantford.

Boy, do retired guys know how to live or what!?

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Totally Botanical, Man


Went on a totally excellent walk with Heritage Toronto the other week. To the Toronto Botanical Gardens.

Not only did we sherpas guide the walkers through the gardens, there were speakers at each stop to explain the history of the area.

[Guess that's how Heritage Toronto bosses can sleep at night, by getting TBG to toss in a little history.]

It is also om the same site as Edwards Gardens.

But they co-exist peacefully.

A massive place. The guy running it, John, says he has over 400 volunteers.

Makes us HT types look like a bunch of pikers.

But there are still huge tracts of land remaining from the original 500 acres.

It was a working sheep farm, started by Scottish weaver Alexander Milne in 1817, and they produced wool and cotton.

And in case you think city workers have only been brain dead recently, the original name of this tributary of the Don River running through the property was to be called Woolcott Creek.

Get it?

Wool....Cott... [Ed. note: Uhhh...yeah. Let's move on.]

But the tall foreheads at City Hall garbled it up and it is now known as Wilket Creek.

Hey. Even the weeds look great.

So that wraps up this season's heritage walks.

Back to the couch....

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Monday, 3 October 2011

Coming Soon To A City Near You

Don't worry.

Police can easily disperse these protesters simply by attaching job applications to their riot shields......

Julie & Mike - That's A Wrap

Well, they're home. After an elapsed 48 hour journey.

No they didn't bike. But couldn't have taken much longer.

So some snaps of the last day of the trip.

Here little Min Lee is with her new friend, Bighead.

I think this was a pity shot for me.

No spiders or snakes, but looks like they did see a big honking cockroach.

Thanks, Julie.

Tiger, Tiger, Who's Got The Tiger?

OMG! My favourite!

It's good to be home!!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Julie & Mike - Day ? + 2

Last day in Ha Noi.

I think Mike is still resting up from all that moped riding, so Julie here:

"Hey Jim! Last day in Hanoi. Here are some pictures from yesterday:"

Drinking Vietnamese Coffee
Because....they drank all the Tigers in Vietnam?

More from Julie:

"Yesterday we visited King Dings temple, built in the 10th century after he died"

Good of them to wait.

Here they took in a boat tour on a little river.

Or on one of the downtown streets. Hard to tell the difference with all the flooding they had on this trip.

Might be a good idea to consult the Farmer's Almanac next time. "Boy I can't believe the good deal we got on this trip!"

Winding down over a last group dinner.

The girls are giving the now universal "Two more Tigers, please" sign.

But to no avail. Nary a one to be found on the table.

I guess they really did drink Vietnam Dry.

Anyway, according to Julie, this shot was "just after that we had dinner and went out to party! Same as usual.

Today we do some last minute shopping before jumping on a plane back to Canada."

Well great trip, guys. Have a good flight home.

But I am disappointed. With all the rain and flooding, not one spider or snake story.