Sunday, 23 October 2016

I Think This Girl Is Quitting

I think this girl has sung her last national anthem.

[Stolen from Inspired by Mr. Boffo by Joe Martin]

Thursday, 20 October 2016


A long time ago in 1989 I taped a Jays game that we went to see in Cleveland - way before my thoughts were Arnotti.

Here is a snippet.  [Thanks to Big Joe for digitizing.]

See if you recognize anyone.  Hint: Big Joe is there and so am I. Unfortunately, the great guy on the right is no longer with us.....

Younger readers - under 50 - likely won't understand Buck Martinez's "must be Bob Uecker friends" line.....

Regardless, the game went 15 innings - but they cut off the beer after 7 innings - and we wore the wigs the entire game.

The umpire, Richie Garcia, even gave each of us a ball after the game.  Because we were good boys.

One of the fellows - who will remain nameless, but can digitize VHS tapes - pretended he was David Wells at one of the post game event and lost his ball by autographing it for an unsuspected young lady.

Those were the days........

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I was browsing the paper today and came across a fantastic story about an 103 year old woman in a dance contest.

Then I thought, she looks familiar.  And I was right - that's Kitty Cohen.

The Arnotti connection?  Click A Great Lady to find out.

My Mom is gone, but Kitty is a great reminder of good days past.......