Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Well, I won't be posting anything until I can figure this error out. Each time I try to upload a picture, blogger returns this error message. Googling it just tells me it is a communication error. Thanks.

ICAP Error (icap_error)

An error occurred while performing an ICAP operation: Connection failure: An error occurred while sending data to the ICAP server.
There could be a network problem, the ICAP service may be misconfigured, or the ICAP server may have reported an error.

A fellow blog contributor, demonstrating great empathy for my situation, said I've likely been banned for poor picture quality. Har de har. Well if that's true....what too 'em so long?

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Do The Swiss Know About This?

Too Bad For Them

I bet the GoA employees will be up in arms about not being able to use this fancy entrance any more.

I hope the customers at least still get to use this though.....

Sunday, 16 March 2008

He's Baaaaaaack

Oh boy. Now I know why I get sideways stares when I tell people where I live.

If it's not morons smoking in the emergency stairwells forcing the fire department to respond, it's morons trying to stuff everything they can get their moronic hands on down the garbage chute.

Now, like some kind of low-tech blogger discussion thread, someone has added, that whoever wrote this comment is an arrogant and ignorant idiot. To this, someone else added the second commenter's apartment number.

Can't wait to check the lobby today to see the newest entry.

[P.S. You can see last week's attempt in the lower right of the top picture, when someone tried to shove a refrigerator shelf through the chute.

Saturday, 15 March 2008

The Calm Before The Storm

Went to the Roughnecks lacrosse game last night (am I in a rut- I either go to a lacrosse game or pass that stupid sign outside the grocery store) and here the boys are pumping up the goalie before the game.

They should have been pumping each other up, as they scored a franchise low six goals. I had more beers than that.

I think... Oh, I know I had more, just a bit fuzzy on exactly how many more.

And, of course, the Riggers lost.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Come On......

Either there's a bunch a great food I'm missing out on, or these guys have got to start using real words in their signs. Of course, I'd lose half of the photos on this blog if they did.

What the hey is T'Pie Ham? Turkey Pie Ham....... Ummmm mmmmmmm......that shore is good.

I Get It!

T-Bone Steaks! They're talking about T-Bone Steaks.

I hope. Turkey bone steaks. Hmmmm, they ain't as good as that Turkey Pie Ham.

Only A Matter Of Time

...before this card reader gets run over, crushed, demolished, flattened.

This is outside our new courthouse. Just opened. Squeaky new and clean.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Voice Of Experience

I wonder how many times this card reader was smashed, flattened, etc. before they figured to put these in?

From the scratches on the paint, I guess it's working.

Coming soon to a courthouse near you.


What's "W. Head Lettuce"? Whole lettuce? They have to tell us they're selling a whole lettuce? Maybe sometimes they sell a Half Lettuce.

What's next? "B. Lettuce"? Come on in for a bite of lettuce. 10 cents.

And I don't even want to know what a BIR Roast is.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

More Weird Clouds

What's up with this place?

Some pretty cool clouds coming over the mountains at sunset today. They come in waves out here. Usually means a Chinook is coming.

But we've been basking in the warm weather all weekend. How can it get any better. ....sorry Ontario.

Bit of a zoom in here for a better look. Okay....not much better.

Labour Crunch?

Went to the Roughneck's lacrosse game last night (they finally won.)

But I swear the cameraman was a 14 year old girl. She could barely hold on to the camera.

Can just anybody get a job here? I've got to buff up my Mom's resume.

I tried to zoom in on her bright red nails, but I was afraid if I zoomed in any longer she'd, like, freak out on me, "Oh ma gawd, eeeewwww...."


Before the game, needed to have a little sustenance, of course. And two of the lads were smart ordering their beverages. One was not.

[Actual pre-consumption levels displayed.]

But, after much carrying on, the short-changed lad more than made up for it with his dinner selection.

That's a generous helping of bleu cheese draped over that honking big Alberta beef burger.

Actually, the whole spread for all involved looked pretty yummity. And it was.

[Notice the salad in place of fries on the author's plate.]

[Please do not notice the cheese and other toppings on the burger. That was...uhhh...obviously some kind of kitchen mix up. But, those who know me realize I would never want to make a fuss about something like this.]

Show Me The Money!

After the game, what better way to end the evening than a visit with Lady Luck.

So, stopped in at the (actually a - we have many in the city) casino across the street from the restaurant and the Saddledome. And yours truly was the big winner on the evening.

Now, the only question - what to do with my $18. My motto is, go large or go home. So you know where I went.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Plus 15 To.......


Watch that last step - it's a doosey. They tore down the building but left the Plus 15 standing.

This used to be a beautiful turn of the century (last century, ~1910's) warehouse district, that was determined to be not quite historical enough.

So down she comes to build what will likely be just another soulless, glass and steel slab. With a generous dollop of poured concrete, I am sure, which I think is a rule in downtown Calgary.

So in summary, little metal tubes connecting buildings are worth saving, but iconic brick buildings are not. Bleah...

Friday, 7 March 2008

Thanks.....But No Thanks

You know, I not even sure what they're selling, and as inviting as this looks, I think I'm going to have to take a pass.

I wonder what they are selling?

Another Nice One

Another in the continuing series of "Nice Bars in my Neighborhood".

This here is The Roadhouse. Now I've never been in here - guess I've never needed a drink that bad - but I hear it's a nice place. Usually only one or two stabbings a season.

And it's near the highway, on the right there - hence the attractive guard railing - so the cops and ambulances can get here real easy like.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

I Thought They Were Just Outside

But I guess we have idiots inside the building as well.

Saw this in our condo lobby this morning on the way to work. This looks to be some sort of refrigerator shelf that some....uhhhhh...moron....tried to stuff down the garbage chute.

Must be the same guy that that been smoking in the emergency stairwells, causing false alarms. We had three in less than a week - and that was the week at -39o.

So that means I had to walk down 14 flights, stand around outside (with people I don't know!) and wait for the fire guys (I guess they're called firemen) and to come out and turn off something.

Next time the city says they'll charge us. When well over half of your building are renters, this is the result.

Okay, ranting middle aged guy saying good night!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

What Are The Chances....

...of me getting on a magazine cover?

Not very good, I fear. Don't laugh - you neither.

That's because the demographics on visitors to this web site are middle aged male, balding, paunchy. No, wait a minute - that's me. Never mind.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Good Day For A Knee Day

Heading to Banff to see the knee doctor.

Although a little foggy & cloudy (it wasn't the camera, either) still a pretty spectacular location for a hospital. And a different clientele there, compared to my local needle-drop location clinic in downtown Calgary. Nary a drug-addled derelict to be found.

Although maybe I should reconsider that comment after seeing the extreme skier dudes all on crutches. Because I suspect there might have been a doob or two consumed among this group.

As I was on the gurney, waiting to be seen, I could hear other patients being examined:
Doc: "How did you hurt your knee?".
Skier Dude: "Dude, I was taking air off a killer mogul, and like, whoa, took too much, man."
Doc: "Nooo Waaay!" [Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But just a little.]

And I can't necessarily rule out the doctors from the doob fest, either. My doctor had an earring in one ear. "You're here from Calgary? Whoa, cool." He was having trouble deciding what to tell me, so got help from another doc. He was tanned to perfection with the raccoon eyes. Great life these guys have.

He says, "So what do you want to do? You want surgery?" I go, I don't know. He said, "I'll set you up with a surgery date, then you can decide. Just cancel if you don't want it." Pretty laid back atmosphere.

And, dude, I am not making this up. Sooo, I guess I'll decide later. Maybe I'll have a doob and sleep on it.

So What Else Is New?

That's what we do.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Unclear On The Concept

We have an election tomorrow here in Alberta. And I'm all for supporting your candidate. But I'm not sure any of these businesses get that concept.

Maybe this is unique to Calgary, but every business on my block shares the same affliction. Can you spot it?

[Hint; the candidates for the two major parties are Hehr and Chu. And pay no attention to the ghostly man silhouetted in the window......]

These guys thought I was here for my regular massage therapy. Forget I said that.

Hey! This guy gets it.

Ohhh....that's candidate Hehr's headquarters. Never mind.

Last guy on the block - now he gets it.

But I couldn't believe that essentially every business had ads for both candidates. Of course, now that I think of it, why tick someone off if you don't have to. That ain't good for business.

"Sure, I'll put your sign up. But on come in for a sandwich/massage/Kung Pao for 6....."

Weird Stuff

We get some pretty bizarre weather patterns coming over the mountains here in Calgary.

Not sure how this collage turned out, considering the limited i) quality of my "camera" and ii) skill of the collagateur.

I was sitting reading the paper, when all of a sudden the sky went dark. I looked up and saw this band of dark clouds sliding across the sky.

I caught these after about half way across. I just stood with my mouth open for the first half.

Then like a sheet slipping off a table, the clouds were all but gone, over the mountains. Weird.

Here's a better close-up of the border of the "front" as it came across the sky.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Oops, I Did It Again

Won a Tim Horton's Coffee Card ($25!) the other night. That's the good news.

The bad news is I did it at a company function. In style.

I got up on stage and sang (yelled/mumbled/slurred) Margaritaville in front of my entire department (plus some US majority shareholder visitors).

Of course, due to liberal applications of whistle-whetter, I forgot a lot of the words. [Which always impresses bosses and majority shareholders.]

Luckily the piano players (a "Duelling Piano" theme) were there to bail me out. A little late though.

It wasn't even supposed to be me up there. I was trying to hook somebody else. On a request card, I wrote "Margaritaville" and "Bob Smith would like to sing this one." Unfortunately, "Bob Smith" is a bit smarter than I am and intercepted the request card. And made an important change. Sheesh.

The next day, one of the event organizers came up to me with a big smile. Since she is a very cute woman, I was hoping for the best. I said, hi, she just kept smiling. After lingering uncomfortably for a while with our silence and smiles, she turned and walked away and said "....I've got the photos."

Hmmm.....excellent. I wonder if Timmy's sells vodka?

Staying Power

Although this condo was built in the late 70's, it still looks great after all these years (I wish the same could be said for the rest of us). Strong lines and great bricks - a rarity out here.

Unlike the cheap piece of crap building next door (my condo). Slapped up in 2002, we still have several - apparently all fruitless - lawsuits against the builder.

Uhhhhh....if any real estate agents are reading this - just kidding. La la la la la.... Everything's fine.