Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Nighttime Neighbours

Vut eez dis spooky place? Maybe it is Count Floyd's veddy scary castle.

Actually, it's the Masonic Temple, just across the street from my place.

Hey, keep it down.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

New Neighborhood

Downtown Calgary this ain't. Very fashionable new location I'm in.

I must still be sporting garb with a western flair, though, as from their looks, people are thinking "Hey cowboy, where's your horse?" or "Did you get those boots from a real cowboy?". Ah, good fun.

Amazingly, some even called me by name. Or close, anyway. They got it wrong and called me Bob. Oh, and pronounced it with two O's. But very friendly people just the same.

Of course, I'd never be able to afford to go in one of these shops. Or be allowed in, apparantly.

I actually started to feel like the guys I try and avoid in downtown Calgary.

Hmmm....maybe I do need to spruce up the old wardrobe.

Nah......if my duds were fine for Calgary, and for Toronto for 16 years before that, and Sarnia for eight before that, they they'll be just fine for here.....

But With The Good.....

But I guess the dark side of being able to live in this area, is that you must be old. And they're not too subtle about it either.

"Oh hi, Ted. I'm...uhhh...just going in to get some books, for my mother. What's that? Yes, she did, a few years ago. But, uhhh, I gotta go."

The Last Of The Yorkville Hippies

Hang in there, guys.

One of the few that have stayed true to their early Yorkville hippy roots.

I mentioned to one of my friends that I was now, amazingly enough, living in Yorkville. His (older) brother called out, Hey man, that's where all the hippies live.

I said, thanks man, sounds like you're still living in the 60's.

All the hippies are long gone.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Knee To Know Basis

For anyone interested in my ongoing knee saga (....maybe my mother is reading this....) here I is getting ready for arthroscopic surgery, scheduled for the next morning.

Above; a very manly, hairy knee.

Below: a newly scrubeenied chihuahua, knee. Ready to go under the axe. Poor little fella.

Icky Picture Warning

Okay, so that wasn't so bad. Okay, it was.

Actually did it without a general anesthetic, just a local. So got to watch the whole thing on TV. Not sure if that was a good idea. Kinda cool, but kind of creepy.

Got to watch him cut open three little holes in my knee, slip in the spinning knives and then watch him go after the torn meniscus (there ya are, ya little bastard. Come mere, come mere, wheeeeeee (like sound of dentist drill), oops......now I gotcha, wheeeeeee.

Over in about 45 minutes.

Actually, the local is the way to go. Usually I don't want a local anesthetic, I want one of the fancy foreign ones. But this way, no one hour wait to come out of the fog, no feeling nauseous, no chance of dying.

And the only evidence of the attack is hidden under just one bandage, three little incisions.

No pain at all. Sweet.

Plus, a week off work! Sweeter.


....but only one, the doctor says. Sigh....

Okay, but it'll be a big one.

A good test of the surgery; can you walk to the bar? Yes? You're good to go!

Saturday, 20 September 2008


.....that's better. Beer, and lots of it, at a sports bar. One I hadn't been to for several years. [Uhhh...someone put that coffee on the table by mistake.]

Great bar, great location, next to the Air Canada Centre. And on the way over I saw huge lines of girls waiting outside the ACC. For a concert I guess.

I asked our little waitress who was playing at ACC. She said, the New Kids On The Block. I said, oh, aren't you going? Her eyes widened and she looked at me as if I'd asked her, are you near death?

I guess the girls in line were really women and those women were really my age. And I, apparently, am near death.

{Ed note: I guess I need to work on the shutter settings of my fancy new phone/camera thingy.]

And yes, that is a shot of the Jays losing. So all is well with the world again. Now I just have to wait for the Leafs to start losing. Won't be long.

Pay no attention to the follically challenged forehead at the bottom. Couldn't be a friend of mine.

How come he isn't at the New Kids concert?

I See........

Okay, so I checked out the options on my new phone/camera. Fairly sophisticated new phone I have here.

Whereas my old Motorola...piece of crap...had zoom and indoor/outdoor adjustments, etc., here are the specs of the new, much more expensive, baby:

Zoom: None
Timer: None
Brightness Options: None
White Balance: None
Quality: None
Color Tones: None
Shutter Sound: None
Fun Frames: None
Messaging Add Ins: None

I queried their website "How do I change the camera resolution on my Instinct?

Answer: There are no configurable options available to change the camera resolution on the Instinct handset. Pound salt, you loser. [One of those statements I added.]

Obviously the Marketing Department didn't write the FAQ section.

That reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon when they are doing a safety check before tobogganing down "Deadman's Peak";

Seat belts? None
Steering? None
Brakes? None.

Great, let's go!

Monday, 15 September 2008

They're Supposed To Be Your Friends

So how come they're jacking up the price on ya? See, it's not just us big, bad Western oil boilers.

What's that? Who do they buy their gas from? Uhhh....never mind. I don't know. Delete, delete.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Bungee Cowboy

No sooner do I move to Toronto than I head back to Alberta. This time to gorgeous Kananaskis, west of Calgary and south of Banff.

We had rain the day before, so here the clouds are lingering low over the mountains, reluctant to leave this beautiful country.

Good Advice

This isn't something you like to see while wandering in the Kananaskis countryside. Bear in area? But now several other questions quickly come to mind.

Which area? The area behind me? A big bear? A hungry bear? A big, hungry bear?

But if you look closely, they provide some very good advice - do not give the bear flowers! Who knew. That's okay, I've always believed in the old adage that candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.


Sights during the rain we had, mentioned in the earlier post. The low clouds blanketing and muffling all sounds (even the sounds of that damn bear eating people).

As I stood watching for several minutes, the clouds rolled down the hills, like a huge, slow motion wave.

Almost spooky, but tranquil at the same time.

Maybe this new phone-camera-thingy is not so bad.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

I'm Back, Baby!

But my new neighbourhood looks no better than the last.

This is the greeting outside my building. They might as well have posted a sign saying "Get Lost".

So my building has no visitor parking and obviously not much parking near by. So if you are coming for a visit - take the train......

{Ed. Note: photo taken with new camera phone thingy. Can you spot the difference? I better be able to for what I paid for this new piece of crap.]