Thursday, 28 August 2014

And This Is In The Toronto Star!

Wow!  What's next?

The sun not coming up tomorrow.

Now, this guy says the article is not an endorsement for Ford, or that he will even vote for him.

It's just that he thinks it is inevitable that Ford will win the Toronto mayoral election. And for thre reasons;

Reason one; politics as entertainment.  Rock star name recognition goes a long way.  Ronald Reagan, Jesse Ventura, Arnold.  Vote for him?  Snicker, I just wanna see what happens.....

Reason two; train wreck!  Newspapers and websites need to have content that grab people.  Anything that has Ford in the title is a clear winner. All the media race to wherever he is, to cover every word. [The only thing worse than being talked about.....]

Reason three; Redemption!  Who doesn't love a good story about the Prodigal Son.  People will want to give him a second chance.  The author even thinks some his left wing, commie pinko friends might vote for him.


As Bette Davis said, "Fasten your seats belts, Toronto, it's going to be a bumpy night."

Saturday, 23 August 2014

I'm Back, Baby!

These condo development proposals usually get me going at the best of times.

But this one really caught my eye (got my goat, burned my butt).

The block may not look like much.

But nearly 200 years ago, it was called Victoria Row and was the fashion centre of a growing Toronto. A Toronto starting to feel its oats.

This was the Bloor St. of its day.

This magnificent Victorian, Second Empire beauty set the standard in Toronto for retail elegance.  There is even a statue of Queen Victoria adorning the second floor of the centre shop.

Built in 1840 and modified with the Second Empire treatments in the 1870's....

...the little guy in the middle is the only building still intact of the five.  

Although stripped of much of its fine architectural detail.

This shows him where he used to be.

[I guess he is still there, although you would never know if it, crammed in among all the other buildings.]

Anyway, this proposal is for a - what else - 47 storey condo.

And this editorial comment sums up my opinion exactly.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Thank You, Rob Ford!

For putting us on the map.

Or at least on a sign that acts as a map.

A few years ago Toronto would have been replaced with Bombay, or Hong Kong, or New York.

We're playing with the big boys now!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Here's Hoping......

....that between the kitchen upstairs and the bathroom down here they don't get any of these tubes mixed up.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Where Have You Been, Mr. Kunta?

Everybody needs a friend like Mr. Kunta.  And just up the road in North York, too.  Very convenient.

Sure, his name is Kunta and his email is Konta.  Potatoes, potawtoes.

But can you imagine?  "See that guy over there, he's looking at me funny."


Let's just hope you don't run into one of his friends......