Sunday, 29 March 2015

While We Were Gone......

....others were busy ham, ham, hammering.

This is a pic of the site of that little bungalow that got the rude knock-knock a while back.

Now the lot doesn't look that big - at least the part the house was on.

But these are huge lots, as here's an earlier picture of the cleared lot. 

The house was only on one tiny corner of it, what a waste of space!

Here you can see the start of the little "infill" that's replacing Bo-Bo.

Here's an angle from around the corner.

Now that's better.  Not an inch wasted!

Now this little guy on the left should not be getting too smug, let me tell you.......

Friday, 27 March 2015

I Love America!

Where else but in the Land Of The Free are you going to find those big bottles of healing wine right next to the First Aid and Vitamins - and Itch Relief?

I guess it does scratch an itch for some people.

And, of course, no self respecting Health Section could consider itself complete without a large supply of the Amber Nectar. those $2.49 King Cans!

Makes me forget all about my health problems........

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Imagine My Surprize.....

.....when I ran into J.K. Simmons (you know the guy that won the Oscar for Whiplash), Dennis Miller and Tommy Lee Jones at a recent event.

Naw, wait, it was just three other guys.......

Three good lookin' other guys, but still.......