Sunday, 28 December 2008

Sleepy Hollow

Most of Toronto was shrouded in fog yesterday - especially down in the little hollow near my place.

If it wasn't bad enough trying to drive down this foggy street, dodging cars lurching out of the mist, try snapping pictures at the same time!

On second thought, don't try snapping pictures.

At least with the accompanying rain, most of the snow made a quick getaway.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry Christmas - Toronto Style

Ah, the red twinkling lights of Christmas can mean only one thing - another bum down.

In my new fancy shi shi foufou location (with mia casa in the background), luckily usually we don't get many of the common people up here, so it is refreshing - especially around the holiday season - to be able to pick them up and cart them back to wherever they belong.

Did I say Merry Christmas?

Im Getting Tired Of This View

Blech! Snow, snow and more snow. Where am I - back in Calgary?

At least I don't have to shovel a freakin' lake! See this blog's Dec 26 post to appreciate clever reference.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

More Christmas Cheer

Awwww geez Edith, seems like every time I step outside nowadays (mia casa in background again) the cops are rousting somebody. They need to do something about this.

Boy, I'm starting to sound like my foo foo neighbors. Yikes!


Beer, wings and nachos. That says it all, really.

New pub opened up around the corner. So far so good.

It's good that they keep a list of what you need to order so close. "Whaaaaa?" Hey, just point to it.

Cute way of sticking it to the government when it comes to listing taxes. Man, they sure try to suck the fun out of having fun.

Gee, didn't have to pay the "Dalton" tax out in Alberta. Guess you have to pay to have the bums looked after in Ontario.

[Memo to self: remember credit card.]
[Second memo to self: try not to be so self righteous.]

Monday, 22 December 2008

Does This Really Matter?

I've often wondered, after seing this sign, if you get hit on the head, is it now your fault?

Can anybody just put a sign out and it absolves them of all responsibility?

So, outside some gang banger's house; Danger - Flying Bullets

"What?! I warned ya."

It Looks Pretty

Okay, maybe it doesn't. In fact, it looks downright crappy.

Which is exactly how it felt today as I staggered downtown to retrieve the credit card I left at a restaurant Saturday night.

Maybe the weather is trying to tell me something.

Or maybe it's too many pictures of too many beers in too many bars that finally caught up with me.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Friday, 19 December 2008

At Least It's Not The Army


Poor old Toronto took a blast from Mother N today. But then, I suspect, so did most other spots in Ontario, so we can't whine too much. But we do.

The weathermenpeople have named this weekend Snowmageden. Leave it to Toronto to blow everything out of proportion.

But even with the snow covered streets, being Toronto, you could hear the sounds of horns blaring, all day long.

Brrr....a shot from my bedroom window. Almost seems as though many of these cars have huddled together for warmth.

And a snowy winter wonderland from the dining room window.

And last but not least, the Christmas Tree from the Eaton Centre.

Pretty cool. I thought, I'll just sneak a quick snap.

Holy crap, I almost had to wait in line as other guys all aournd me (losers) with cameras phones were all snapping away. Hey, quit cutting my grass!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

You Know.......

...this is one of the few times I think I'm going to go with the imported stuff....

You Had Me At Double J

I was in Windsor this week and unfortunately, wasn't there long enough to sample all the uhhhhh....delicious food.

Okay, I Lied.....

This meal was delish! And not just the beer. Oops, beers.

Silly waitress, she must have thought there were two of us. She could get a job at Maintstreet, the way they push the booze on you there.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

The Christening

Went to Merrickville over the weekend to help a chum celebrate the opening of his restaurant.

What's that? Oh yeah...excellent food, great prices and fabulous service. I...will...go...back...there...very...often. You...should...too.

The preceding was an unpaid [...ahem...] commercial announcement. Now back to our regularly scheduled drivel.

Cool little place called Mainstreet. Because it is on the Main street of Merrickville. No one says you have to be imaginative to run a restaurant. Just kidding.....

At night, the whole city is like a winter wonderland. Being -16o sure helps.

Lots of funky little shops and restaurants all over.

This is a shot of the competition, next door. Sorry, bud.

They Thought The Day Would Never Come

Arrived just in time for pay day. And, judging by the euphoria of the staff - or maybe it was just relief - it was the first ever Mainstreet pay day!

Smiles all around.

Of course, I'm also sending these shots to Revenue Canada, so no funny business with those cheques.

Although I notice that the smile on the owner's face got smaller and smaller as the day wore on.

The Boss At Work

Most business owners do their payroll surrounded by computers and accounting software.


It's Always A Party At Mainstreet

...I said, It's always a party at Mainsteet!

That's not much better.......

What's Going On Back There?

Ever wonder what happens behind the bar when the staff put their heads together and start clucking about something?

Absolutely nothing!

But that's not a shot you get to see every day.

Black Russians and Happy Canadians

But after all was said and done, a happy ending......

'nuff said.....

Monday, 8 December 2008

Canadian, eh?

A sure sign of winter. Wipers up so they don't freeze.

"Good Canadian boys, good Canadian boys", as Don Cherry would likely say.

These were snapped on a walk through the parking lot today. And only represent a very small sample of all the tipsters. Guys were looking at me funny. But, nothing new with that.......