Sunday, 28 November 2010

Here Comes The Sun!

Or there it goes and here come the clouds, if you are a grumpy, old retired guy.

Two hours later......
Yay....grumpy, old retired guy wins!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Here I Go Again

One in a continuing series of being awed by our Canadian legal system. And as a bonus in this case, also by our politically correct public media and Keystone Cops police force.

This unfortunate fellow, like so many other young men this year, was shot and killed the other night. Everyone is scratching their heads as to how this could happen.

It's probably too fuzzy to read, but second last line of this CBC story did give some background - that this fellow "was charged last year with wounding a man." Yeah, so?

Every other media outlet I read, however, saw it a little differently - the guy was out on bail for attempted murder. Oh.

The next line adds, the police "do not believe the events are connected".

Not connected. So you don't think the guy he tried to kill last year could be a possible suspect? Hmmm.....

I'm not sure these are the detectives I'd want working on my murder investigation.

Unless, of course, I was the suspect.....


Looks like winter's here. What a nasty day. Okay, okay, not by Northern Ontario standards. But by sissy city standards, you bet! This clip might give you a little better feel for the damp in the air. And now that the next door condo is underway, I can see Lawren Harris' entire "Light Factory". [See "Who'd A Thunk It?"for Lawren Harris refresher.]
Hmmmm......I don't think James Cameron or Steven Spielberg will be losing any sleep over competition from this clip.

Wow, I guess I should have waited an hour before whining too much about winter.....

Friday, 26 November 2010

Nice Doggy

Stumbled unwittingly into an "off leash" dog park.

And judging by the smaller sign in the lower left of this picture..... is either a very small "off leash" park. Or these signs mean nada.

Either way, an "off leash" park is where large dogs run at you while their owners, or walkers, gather to point and laugh.

It is a lot of good fun for almost everybody.

[I hope you never do this "Pat from Joisey".]

The yellow fire hydrant is thinking, Oh no, not these guys again.....

Thursday, 25 November 2010

What Will They Think Of Next?

Mmmmm....chocolate Viagara.

But don't get this mixed up with the Hallowe'en candy.

Daddy, I feel funny.....

Monday, 22 November 2010

Leave It To Beiber

Hey, this guy might be America's New Sweetheart. Who ever he is.

Okay, I've heard Beiber Fever, of course, but don't know any other of his songs.

He won four music awards at some music awards show last night.

Not bad for a Canucklehead.

No, Canada's Sweetheart!

America may have called her "America's Sweetheart". But not me.

Found this tribute to Mary Pickford during a walk about downtown.

There seem to be lots of these memorials, either as plaques or parks to famous Canadians all over town.

Although it will obviously be impossible, I'd love to be around to see what type of tribute is erected in my honour.

{Ed. note: Impossible, yes, but not for the reason you think.]

Friday, 19 November 2010

Found It!

I'd always been very reluctant to get a tattoo or body piercing.

But not now.

I'd been thrown off by all that talk about sterile needles and Hepatitis vaccinations.

These guys say that is crap and just a waste of money. Money I can now spend on more tattoos and, lately, anti-biotics.

I love Yonge Street!

Monday, 15 November 2010


Time out!

The big wrecking machines are taking a break from just ripping the crap out of the condo site next door and are doing some clean up.

If I seem fixated on watching this demo work, i) it is just next door and ii) I am retired.

Now, if I was retired and six years old, this would be so totally super awesome!

Okay, break over.

Back to making stuff come tumbling down. I like the subway scooting along in the back.

And, not unlike the acclaimed Harry Potter series, this is a three part video, because, uhhhh, I don't know how to knit them all together.....

Friday, 12 November 2010

Careful Boys....

Actually, don't worry about it.

I'm sure that green netting will stop any of the demo'd building from landing on the subway.

They had originally started this with nothing next to the subway tracks.

Then one day, I saw a TTC hard hat along with the other hard hats. and I guess the TTC plays hard ball.

"No way are you demo'ing that building without the best green netting you can buy."

Safety is of paramount importance on this job site.

Here a fellow looks over the open pit to make sure everything is safe down below.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Lest We Forget

A lasting tribute to the Canadian men and women of the First World War who gave their lives for our freedom. On University Avenue in downtown Toronto.

[This is a little early, but I'm out of town next week.]

The World War II vets didn't get quite as stirring a monument. [See "Gumby Goes To Heaven"for their tribute.]

Friday, 5 November 2010

Only In The Star

While virtually ever other national media outlet editorialized the verdict of the 'Toronto 18' terrorism trial as "but will be eligible for parole in 3 1/2 years", the Toronto Star, of course, phrased it "will not be eligible for parole for 3 1/2 years. The poor unfortunate, misunderstood man."

Okay, one of those lines wasn't theirs. But that's what they were thinking!

In any other country, not only would the guy have to serve his full sentence, it would be a lot longer than 16 years.

"Then why don't you live in one of those countries", The Star would tell me. As well as several people who have met me.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

That's Crap!

I counted one, and there were only nine and a half billion!

Of course, by the time I finished counting, maybe a few had died.

And I ate a few.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

No Respect, No Respect....

Although it is very nice to have a park(ette) named after you, Robertson Davies might be justified in feeling a bit like Rodney Dangerfield.

I doubt if you could even lay a blanket down to have a picnic in this park.

But all the same, having your own park right on Avenue Road is not too shabby, regardless of the size.

Although he has written lots, my favourite book of his is "What's Bred In The Bone."