Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Pedal With A Purpose

Just when you think my buddy Mike's harebrained bicycle trips couldn't get any more, well, harebrained, oops, he's doing it again.

So what's he been up to lately?

Well, he just finished a 12 day trip down the California coast this spring. Then a short while ago he did a gruelling 32 day adventure pedaling from Ottawa to Key West.

"So what crazy thing is he doing this time?" you ask?
"Pedalling across China? Snork, snork."

Close - Vietnam.

With his who-I-used-to-think-was-sensible daughter, Julie.

But why not have Mike tell you about it himself.

So similar to Jimmy Buffett's Parrotheads, who "Party With A Purpose", they are going to "Pedal With A Purpose".

To help them - but more importantly, to help the women and girls of Vietnam - go to "Cycle for Care Vietnam 2011" and donate directly on-line.

And who knows, maybe I'll get some updates from Mike & Julie along the way to keep all informed of their progress.

The trip runs from Sept 18 through Sept 30.

Go to "Itinerary" for more information on the trip itself - and to see that they are not just biking around Merrickville....

Good luck, guys!

Does Montreal Know About This?

Calgary has spared no expense to re-create the ambiance and feel of old Montreal.

You can tell they nailed it by how popular it is.

Home Alone - Part Deuxty Deux?

First time venue for Home Alone this year - Lake Mazinaw (Red A on map). About three hours north-east of Toronto. At a member's cottage.

Interesting geological formation.

Most of the lakes were carved east to west due to the scouring ction of the glaciers.

However, Mazinaw goes literally against the grain, north-south.

Although some say this was the result of a massive geological fault, shearing the earth, other seismic research concludes that the "deformation is most likely to have occurred as a result of the rapid melt of buried ice blocks."

Who knew? All we were doing was drinking beer and floating on it. [But not at the the same time, of course! That would be illegal.]

Beautiful start to any morning with that view.

So let's head down to the dock, shall we boys?

Where we find our newest member - between strums - valiantly (fruitlessly?) trying to snare breakfast.

Unfortunately, breakfast's Mama didn't raise no fool. So coffee all around.

Other members busy themselves with the intricacies of instructions on getting that keg going.

Hold the coffees!

Prior To It All Going Downhill
When everyone at least had a glimmer of hope to win the coveted Home Alone championship trophy.

Ha ha....

Let The Games Begin!
Our host in blue is thinking "Now what game are we playing again?"

I don't even remember playing this one.

No wonder I didn't win the trophy.

All The Comforts Of Home
If your home is an outhouse.

"Little Privacy Here"
Can't a guy have a.....never mind.

How Many Points For A Broken Neck?
Correct answer is - none!

Cowabunga, Dude!

Giving The Evil Stink Eye...when I found out no points awarded.

"You have to actually break your neck to get points." Tough crowd....

So at the end of the weekend.....(trying to) taking photos of the eventual winner (with one of the multiple runners up featured here...) was obviously left to amateurs.

Or amateur. See, using those cheap cell phone camera thingys isn't so easy....

Getting better....

Okay, there we are.

And being good guests, we let the host win the trophy. Who looks like he is trying to indicate that he is indeed Number 1.

So a good time was had by all. But we missed one member this year.

His absence surely the only reason the host won the trophy...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Oh What A Lucky Day It Was, It Was

Four brave souls took a three-day-turned-out-to-be-four-day trip on the mighty Lucky Day last week.

We loaded up the bikes and headed out on the waterway.

Started from Ashbridges Frenchman's Bay Marina and headed for Niagara On The Lake.

Not To Be On The Cover Of Vogue Any Time Soon
Sorry buddy.

Or an alternate title; "Ahhhhh......"

The trip across to NOTL was deluxe; sun, sounds and some suds.

But we had to postpone our trip back by a day due to driving rain.

We came across a sad, young Amish girl and gave her shelter.

This made her happy.

Eight Feet. Who's Driving?!
But on the trip back quite a bit of confusion ensued. 10-12 foot swells made us rethink our strategy. Ha ha, strategy.....

I'm not driving. You drive. Somebody's gotta drive.

Finally the spunky, little Amish girl took over and saved the day.

But here we are - alive and ready to try another harebrained adventure.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Hey! The French Margaritaville

"Villa Marguerite"

Tucked right in here in Grand Bend.

Looking out over Lake Huron. Not a bad place to waste away again in.

Next door was the cottage "Thistle Do Me".

Down the street, in recognition of the old "Where's The Beef" commercials, "We're The Buns". Rented by four..uhhhh...rather attractive young ladies.

Although I could have sworn the cottage name was "Get Away From Here!".