Sunday, 30 December 2012

Waiting For Spring.....




Tired Of Waiting.....

Not Waiting!
Because there's work to be done!

Clearing the trails of downed tree branches after all that snow.
Out into the woods to cut heavy tree boughs blocking the trails.

Hard work.

Back breaking work.  

But someone has to do it. 

And someone has to take the pictures.

And this was before the recent blizzard.  I can only imagine what this place looks like now.

The first snow lay heavy on the tree boughs.  Then a rain came and froze the boughs, almost as in a protective layer over the snow.

But it added tremendous weight.  Virtually all of the trees branches sagged very low.  Obscuring any trail markings.  And perhaps permanently damaging the branches if it remains there too long.  As it did during the 1999 ice storm.

And with the recent storm, it may not be going any time soon......

But right now, certainly a winter wonderland.

Perfect for Christmas.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Canada Ain't Much Better

Further to this morning's post,

Here is a look at a Canadian "family", using Canadian national numbers, but adjusted to the same family income;

So we're in debt, too.

But not nearly like our southern brethren.

But we are certainly trying our best to keep up with the Obama's!

US Fiscal Cliff - Some Perspective

Blah, blah, blah.  Big numbers and bigger numbers.

So let's remove 8 zero's from the above and pretend it's a household budget.

Yikes.  That family is out of control!

But do they have a revenue problem or a spending problem?  You be the judge. (Spending = red line, Revenue = blue line)

Looks like their spending knows no bounds.

Some pundits say now is not the time to stop spending.  They say that government must stimulate the economy to get it back on track.

That would mean projects for which you never had money during the good times magically become affordable when you are broke.

"Honey, good news.  Our credit card is maxed out.  We can now go on that European vacation!"

Above are the major components of U.S. spending.

[The bulk of the Treasury spending is interest on their debt.]

 And I just couldn't resist a little editorializing......

Looks like Pappa Obama and the kids are heading to Europe!  Maybe they are going to visit like minded relatives in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

[First two charts are from the website, via a friend's Facebook page]

Friday, 28 December 2012

"What A Difference Five Years Make"

Five years after her assassination, Benazir Bhutto's son has decided to launch his political career.

That's not a job I would want.

Of course, five years ago, he didn't want it either.  And for good reason. 

See You Also Heard This Here First for an amazing - at the time - prediction that he would rather party than head up a party and get shot at regularly.

And from the above pic, this looks more like a guy going "...hoo boy...." than "I am here to lead you to greatness!".

Good luck, Bilawal!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Always A Catch!

 The very swanky Cafe Lurcat now has a dinner special. 

Three course dinner for $25.  And half price bottles of wine!

But crap, only on bottles under $100.  Damn!

And you know how much I like those $200 bottles.

This may not be the place for me.  And not for the above reason.....

Saturday, 22 December 2012

They Grow 'em Tough Down In Florida

The kids, that is.

I'd be screaming like a little......well, not like a little girl, I guess.......

[Seen while on a recent trip.]

Friday, 21 December 2012

How's That Workin' For You?

You have to wonder, if this is your idea of a good costume choice - at about thirty years old - and smiling - maybe things aren't working out just the way you had planned.

"Hey guys, you forgot to call me about last night!"

To save her further embarassment, I didn't show the next costume where she is smiling as Minnie Mouse.