Sunday, 27 May 2007


What are the chances of these two, little guys lasting longer than this summer? Not good, I'm guessing.

Surrounded by towering highrises, these two are tucked in a little block across the street from my own towering highrise (blocked in this photo by other towering highrises). In case you're wondering, I live in an area called The Condo Canyon. I think someone looking out one of their living room windows gave it that name.

Your Tax Dollars At Work

When I got tired of running from the goose (see below), got on the Light Rail Transit train. They are trying to fund an expansion of the service, but they say it to too expensive. I think I know why.

There are eleven guys in this crew, with one actually working. And that guy, in front, was only banging his hammer on a board. But it must be a real art, because everyone was watching him intently.

And that wasn't just for this photo. It was for the whole time we were waiting for the train. Which was a long time. On these types of weekends, service is every twenty five minutes. Great for a commuter train. Really makes you want to leave your car at home.

Nice Goosy

Out for a walk along the river yesterday (what's that expression - make hay while the sun don't get blocked by snow). Came across some Canada Geese, and their goslings.

They look cute, but that can change quickly. Taking this picture was as close as Mom wanted me to get. She stopped, looked at me, then started coming my way. So, being the seasoned urban wrangler that I am, I ran away.

The reason was, I was at a zoo one time and took a shortcut across a field. A field with some Canada Geese. Unbeknownst to me, I was cutting between the goose and her nest.

As she came towards me, I veered away. Unfortunately my veering took me closer to her nest. Which then quickly took her closer to me. Running with wings spread.

To end the story, it wound up with a bit of a fight. Her wings slapping at me, and me kicking at her. And that's seldom a good position to be in at a zoo.

You know who everybody's rooting for. I was almost expecting to hear a little girl say "Daddy, why is the man kicking the goosy?" "He's trying to save his life, dear, look away."

Saturday, 26 May 2007

What A Difference A Day Makes

Now we're talking. Blue sky, blue water. You can even see the mountains, on the left. (Through the grime on my living room window.)

But I feel like a yo yo. So I'm not counting my chickens yet. But it's worth putting the hiking boots on and getting out for a walkabout anyway. But I'll be sure not to stray too far from a bar shelter, just in case.


That's more like it! A big patio on a sunny day. But what's this? There's no one on it? I guess Calgarians aren't too much of a trusting bunch. Could there still be snow in them thar hills?

But looks like I was too much of a trusting soul, while outside taking photos. Hey, that's my beer!!

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Get Me Outta Here!!

As Dr. Evil would have said, "It's the friggin' end of May, here, people. Give me a friggin' break." And we get another snow storm!

This is what I woke up to as I was choking on my corn flakes. Country roads, take me home.

And when I finished choking on the corn flakes, I was slipping on the sidewalks.

Did I mention it's the END OF MAY!!

Monday, 21 May 2007

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?

Think of your own caption for this photo....... 'cause I sure as hell can't!

Just Shoot Me!

Ahhhhhh......when you think of the May 2-4 weekend you think of sunny afternoons, bar-b-ques, cold drinks and going to the beach. Right? Wrong!.....if you are unfortunate enough to be out here!

Woke up on holiday Monday to this snow storm. This is way past funny by now. And you global warmers can kiss my grits - get your theory working! Our softball league to supposed to start tomorrow night. We ain't got no retractable dome.

But on the bright least it gives me something to complain about. And something that I can complain about and don't have to do anything about. I love that part.

Sunday, 20 May 2007


No, we're not on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Or on a Star Trek styrofoam planet somewhere.

This is actually inside one of the Plus 15 passageways. It's an atrium/garden open space. There are a few cool little spots like this hidden in among all the corridors and tunnels. Makes the trudge to work a little more enjoyable. A little.

Please Enter Via 4th Ave Exit?

How about.....If You Can Read This - You're Going The Wrong Way!

Must be the same earlier crackerjack road crew that installed this sign.

And the sign designers are good, too. They'd like you to enter from the 4th Ave exit. That won't cause any confusion there.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Art In Motion?

More like Money in Motion. Down the drain. And they are all over the city. Wonder how much we paid some crackhead to design these?

And what's with the "motion" part? These aren't on wheels. They're cemented to the sidewalk. Ahhhhh.....I guess you're not supposed to analyze great art.......

Brought To You By Joe's Autobody

Ouch! Hope you're paying attention as you are driving along here (across the street from my apartment). Maybe it's just me, but couldn't they just remove the car trap and you could use all the lanes?

We're Not #1 For Nothing!

That's my neighborhood! Nice thing to see walking home downtown at 5pm. We're not resting on our laurels as the most crime ridden neighborhood in Calgary, that's for sure.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Biking On The Bow Vista - Phase Two!!

A beautiful day for another bike trip down the Bow River. And this time the snow was gone and the weather was warm. So with my trusty steed, I set out. This time south of town.

The path winds down through the Zoo, old Fort Calgary, the Bird Sanctuary and some old industrial lands.

Here the path divides the two worlds. The solitude of the peaceful river on the right and the dusty, working industrial yards on the left.

But the river path acts as more than just a border between the two. It feels more holistic, seeming to almost join them together. Whoa...enough of that. The sun must be getting to me.

But most views are simply of the lazy, blue river, as it patiently winds its way through the city.

And if you are not so lucky, other views would be of lazy me, patiently rubbing my sore butt. What was I thinking? I'm miles from home. And I'm not 50 any more. And I have to ride all the way back now, too. Upstream!

Friday, 11 May 2007

Not Too Shabby

These guys must know someone at city hall. How else would they get a picture of one of their patients on a sign across the street from them?

I Doubt It

I'm thinking not many of them actually do live here.

We're #1!! We're #1!!

I knew we could do it!! And it weren't no photo finish neither. We had more than twice as much crime as the pathetic second place losers. Ha ha.

I guess the good work of a lot of my neighbors has not gone unrewarded.......

Are You Going To Tell Them?

Hope these people are not paying much for their fly fishing lessons here in Calgary. I didn't have the heart to tell them - "You're nowhere near the water!!" Some people haven't a clue what's going on.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

We're All Gonna Die!

Ahhhhh!! It's a killer meteorite heading towards earth!! It's a flaming comet coming to destroy us!! Oh, sorry....that's the sun. Didn't know it was still up there.

Finally a warm (sort of; 13o), sunny day. Got out on the bikes and did a tour of downtown. Nice mix of babies, bums and bikers.

Are These Your Shoes?

Don't call if they are.

Holy cow! What kind of neighborhood am I living in? (I think I know.) And there were more strewn around the street. But the question is, what are we doing to help the shoeless?

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Am I In Toronto?

Cool building in the downtown core. Man, these guys get around. What's their motto? "CITY TV - Everywhere!" I guess it's true.

Not quite the same buzz around this place as in.....another location. And I haven't seen Britney singing outside here recently (of course, who has), but not a bad set up, regardless. Keep up the good work, Calgary.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Oh Sweet Mother

It is freakin' May, now, and we are still getting snow storms! Although I realize you can't really tell that, with this cheap camera/over-priced phone thingy I have. But she was coming down like a banshee today.

Luckily I know where several of my little blue buddies are hidden throughout the city, so was able to get into the Plus 15 for the trek home. Which is where I saw the next photo.......

Not Today

This is the Calgary Book Fair, after hours. And nobody's stealing anything here today.

That's because those book ladies are very sneaky...... Shhhhh, the books under the blue tarps. And those are very thick blue tarps. A crook would almost have to have a knife or sharp stick to poke through them. And they are held on with twine, not string.

These ladies obviously don't fool around when it comes to security.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Hello My Little Friend

I love this guy!

This little fella indicates that an entrance to the fabled "Plus 15" system is near by. Which is important. Because if I ever get tied up in a bag and tossed outside in the winter, I'd have to quickly scan for one of these signs. I wouldn't last long, otherwise.

Unfortunately, oh here I go, because some of Calgary's less-than-finest citizens often decide to take a crap get out of the cold, they lock this system up early a lot of evenings. So to keep one or two of these guys out, they lock everyone (but most importantly me) out.

Oh's almost summer, so I won't have to complain about it for a while. But I likely will......