Sunday, 31 May 2009

Who Knew?

That behind the magical spinning wheels of Sam The Record Man, was hiding the dumpiest looking building you've never seen.

See previous post on Sam The Record Man for a flashback on what this used to look like.

They are tearing down this venerable icon. Luckily, I think they will be saving the facade, including those spinning wheels, when they erect the new Ryerson Student Learning Centre.

At least I hope they're save our heritage.......

Go Jays Go!

First game in over four years.

And they won!

Beautiful day for a game. But when did a beer start costing more than a small car? Guess I haven't been to Skydome for a while.

[I know, I know, I don't care....I'm still going to call it Skydome. Skydome, Skydome, Skydome!]

Interesting that at most sporting venues, there are barriers put up (netting or glass) to protect the fans.

Here, the glass is positioned to perfectly protect...what? The aisles?

I get it - to protect the waitresses, as they tirelessly run up and down those aisles.

And as a public service to them, I decided to take several snaps, for insurance purposes, in case they did get struck by a ball.

Work, work, work.....

Snap, snap, snap.....

Excuse me....I was.....uhhhh....trying to take a picture of the roof closing, if you don't mind.

She was always sticking her head in everywhere.

See, it was closing.


Saturday, 30 May 2009

Silver Lining?

One of the upsides to all this rain and cool weather is that we get some great sunsets.

And uhh.......well, that's about it.

I like the nice touch of the Canadian Tire sign in the foreground.

Monday, 25 May 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture?

No one's living under the bridge!

Oh sorry, wrong city - this isn't Calgary.

Actually, wrong part of Toronto, too.

This is Rosedale. I pity the fool that tries to sleep under a bridge here. You'll have an $800 Prada up your ar$e so fast your eyes will water.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

No Stone (Step) Left Unturned

In my neighbourhood, space is certainly at a premium.

Got no room to wedge in another house? Wanna bet?

These guys are cheeck to jowl, with just a tiny staircase to get in to the middle one.

And not too crazy about the view from the living room in this one.

I Know How Ya Feel, Big Fella

With my bad back and bad neck, I can relate.

This is the way I look most mornings. But not as slim.

I Gotta Get Me One Of These!

Or a little Photoshopping of this one will do....

Okay, so that looks like something out of a Frankenstein movie. But you try and get rid of clouds.

Rob, help!

Oh Yeah?

What the sign says, above.

What the typical Toronto motorist reads "Motorists must blah, blah, blah, I am the Centre of the Universe!".

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Funkiness In Midtown

Funky little house/business a few blocks away from me.

Lots of these old Victorian homes are still gainfully employed in the 21st Century.

The one on the right is a popular Indian restaurant. On the left....not so much.

Sorry, it looks to be a free newspaper reading centre. The ingenuity of some businessmen continually amazes me.

Better Than Store Bought

Got to enjoy the Victoria Day fireworks last weekend right outside my window.

Who needs to buy a bunch of cheap Chinese fireworks and have them blow up in your pants.

What's that, you say? Where are the fireworks?

There, does that help, Pinhead?

And how about that?

Okay, so they weren't right outside my window. Perhaps they were.....ten miles away.

But they were there.

And I wasn't bothered by all the unpleasant noise, either. Always thinking......

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Job Opening Coming Up?

Yo, Antonio, we need to talk about your menu wording. We haven't sold one of your Stinco di Vitello's.

"Yeah, I think I'll have the Bistecca."

Saturday, 16 May 2009


This woman's car was covered with these signs.

Apparantly the government, insurance companies, car repair shops, the health care system....well just about everybody, is out to get her.

And unfortunately, I didn't notice that she was standing right there while I was taking these pictures.

I bet there is a new sign now; Government Spies Were Taking Pictures - Of This Very Car!! Help Me!!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Looking Out For The Little Guy

Who can see those EXIT signs way up at the top anyway?

Actually, this is a very good idea. I had heard about this placement of Emergency Exit signs but had never seen it. And it makes a LOT of sense.

If your hotel is on fire, smoke rises, so you will be crawling along the floor, madly looking for the exit door you think you remember seeing somewhere down the corridor.

With the Exit sign actually on the floor, you have a much better chance of seeing it and saving your sorry self.

A better technique is; before you even unpack one item, go back outside your door and see where the nearest Emergency Exit is. Then count the number of doors you will feel as you crawl along the floor before you hit the magic one that will actually open and save your butt.

Remember that number and the direction you went.

All The Time

I see all the professional dog walking folks I know dressed like this.

It's more like torn sweats, hair's a mess and they have little plastic bags hanging out everywhere.

Uhhh.....except for the New Jersey ones - who look exactly like this......Uhhh....I mean better than this. Oy vay......

Friday, 8 May 2009

Not All Would Agree.....

Sorry, Big Joe, you know I love you, but I draw the line at getting warm and fuzzy wit y'all.

[P.S. This is a test to see if you even read this wretched excuse for a blog - the one you complain never mentions you.]

What A Difference A Day Makes.....

Spent last weekend in sunny Toronto in 27o weather, sipping cool beverages by the pool.

But one day later, out in Calgary.....

Bang! Woke up to this from hotel room. And it was -10o and snowed the whole week.

How can this be the same country?

However, this did afford the opportunity for a snowy hayride in the mountains - not that I was dressed for it.

Here the author tries to stay warm.

And what the %^&# is going on in the background....looks like those buffalo are trying to stay warm, too.

I like their method better.

More Snow 'n Stuff

(Dangerous) view from outside room.

Man, when it snows out there, it snows. But hey, it's only May.

But it is pretty cool how the clouds just hang over the mountains.

Not really touching, but not really going anywhere either.

Ominously, just there.......

What you lookin' at Willis?

Little guy found the only spot of grass in the valley and I guess I'm trying to horn in on it.

These shots wold be a lot more effective if you pretend there isn't a thick window between me and the wild animal. Grrr......

Wild animal: I wonder if I can eat those?