Tuesday, 25 July 2017

What Does It Take....

This nurse murdered eight seniors in her care and tried to murder four more.

By injecting them with insulin, which is reportedly an excruciating death.

She was convicted on eight counts of first degree murder and is serving a life sentence.

The College Of Nurses Of Ontario finally got around to investigating and disciplining her and they also found her guilty.

Of professional misconduct, mister!  Darn right.

And let me tell you, this will mean a black mark on her file.  Permanently.

This will be helpful for me when the time comes time to asking questions of nursing home for me.

"Has my nurse ever been disciplined for anything?"

"Oh nothing much.  A couple of smaller issues.  Nothing more serious than professional misconduct."

"Have any of her patients ever complained?"

"No, no one's ever complained."

I think I know why.  "Bye bye."

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

From The "No Shit, Sherlock" File

Wonder how much we paid for that study....?

In fact whatever it was, I'd do it for half price.

Here are some other studies I'd do.  Also for half price;

Fat people weigh more
Cute girls are hot
Trump is a misunderstood genius