Wednesday, 24 December 2014


"Doot.  Doot.  Doot.  Another one bites the dust."

Wow, this little old bungalow opens his eyes one day and Boom, this nasty old wrecker has snuck up on him.

"Hello?"   Boom, boom boom...... "Anybody home?"

His neighbour here, better not get too cocky.

That's not a very far lumber for that wrecker to come next door.....

These little bungalows are dropping faster than the Leafs playoff chances.

Monday, 22 December 2014

La De Dah.......

Don't mind me.

Just taking care of a few things here.

Inspecting My Work

The moral here; don't leave your sunroof open.  Even a bit.......

Sunday, 21 December 2014

What? No Colour TV?

Nice to know there are places that haven't changed since the 50's.

Hey, maybe this sign is from the 50's.  Before coloured TV's.

So I guess I should get off its back.

But, come on, it's not that hard.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Almost Famous

That was almost me in the picture.   As I was literally in the middle of this dust up last Sunday.

The big guy, pictured, was being kicked out of a local sports bar (that I coincidentally - and obviously rarely - just happened to be in) by an even bigger guy (and bouncer and owner) when I pushed between them outside the above mentioned urinal.

"Excuse me, boys, coming through." I barked, as I looked up at them.

[Ed note: Sure you did......]

Apparently - according to who you believe - this guy was either drunk (bouncer's version) or he had simply posted a less than flattering review of a meal he just had on Facebook while still at the bar.  And the owner/bouncer read the review, also while he was still in the bar, and told him to get out (other guy's story).   Darn you, Facebook!

Boy,  I doubt I can even find Facebook on my phone let alone post reviews - lucky for me.   Modern technology.  I'm glad it's left me in its dust.

It reminds me of the old expression from my younger days; "Two years ago, I couldn't spell engineer.  Now I are one!"

Ba da boom......

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Shore Grow 'Em Big Down Here

This is a huge, and actually very old, Banyan tree.  With an actually very old guy in blue at the bottom providing scale.

I doubt if any of the original tree trunk is left, as the aerial roots come down and grow around the trunk and create new "trunks" around the tree to support it.

Actually, I think I posted something about this tree a while back.  Let's see, search, search, search.... Got it;  I Knew Things Were Old In Florida

Monday, 8 December 2014

Come On.....

You know, you can get a lot of good deals flying on US airlines.

Sure, in Canada our airports are expensive and we do pay more.

But at least we get a lot of direct flights.

Whereas the US carriers love their "hubs".

Take the above US Airways itinerary as an example, flying from Miami to Fort Myers.

You'd think flying from Miami to Fort Myers would be a pretty straightforward affair.

Of course why you wouldn't drive two hours and avoid all the hassles of flying is another question. 

Although based on the route below, maybe US Airways is also trying to make you ask yourself that same question.....

Because, upon closer inspection of that itinerary, they first take you to beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina before heading back down to the Sunshine State to deposit you in Fort Myers.

Five and a half hours later.


Inconvenient?  Maybe.  But think of all those great frequent flyer miles you'll probably rack up.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

With Apologies To Jimmy Buffett


As there was some interest expressed in acquiring one of our fine feathered friends, be careful what you wish for.

These little guys can be found everywhere.  All the time.

[Regarding a comment on this post; so that Mr. Fins Up2 doesn't twist in the winds of political correctness, here is  link to some other Key West expressions; Don't Get Your Knickers In A Knot as previously featured.]

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

More Of Good Ol' South Florida

If you're driving around and you need a beautiful place to park, this nice lot looks like it could fit the bill.

Hey.  I'm right!

As I was walking by taking the picture, the guy comes running out of his hut (looks like a dog house there on the left).

I thought, buddy, I'm just walking, I don't need to park.

Or maybe he's going to say "No pictures, no pictures!"

But no.  He wanted to give me a couple of his fridge magnets.

Might neighbourly of him.

Gotta love south Florida.....

Monday, 1 December 2014