Monday, 29 June 2009

Nice Tribute..... the King of Pop.

Impromptu memorial at Yonge & Dundas.

Short Memory

I'd forgotten how beautiful downtown Calgary is.

Was in town for a quick trip last week.

And the beauty is everywhere.

Gee, a police cruiser. Downtown.

Hey, there's someone actually on the street. Looks like a bag of crack in his hand.

Here, they are putting up another steel and glass slab.

I'll likely be taking a picture of this one in a year or so to add to my Calgary collection.

What a grump, huh? Well, I went from 27 and sunny to 9 and rainy in about four hours.

All Was Not Lost

I did get to sample my favourite beer at my fabourite bar.

I wuv booberries.......

And no stinkin' PST either.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Train Now Leaving From Track......?


The announcement said my train was leaving on Track 6.

Okay.....Track 6 is.......?

Perhaps they could clean things up a bit? Most of the other people were also looking a bit confused.

And those red arrows hanging everywhere didn't help either.

Ladies Washroom?

That's what I thought. So obviously, go in to the other one without looking. Right?


Who comes up with these names anyway?

If it wasn't confusing enough after that damn train ride, I now have to keep on thinking the whole night?

That's More Like It....
Next joint makes sense.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Air Powered Water Blaster

I'm not going to buy one, I just like saying it; Air Powered Water Blaster.

You can really bite each word out.

I'm going to get you with my.............!!!!!

Ah, Lesbians

Took a hike with all the dykes in Toronto in the annual Dyke Hike down Church and Yonge. Part of Pride Weekend.

Okay, I think they now call it the Dyke March. But I'm old school.

Here I am coming out onto the main festivities. Okay, here I am coming out of a beer store. But it does lead to the main festivities.

And everybody is getting into the act now.

Here, one of the major banks, TD Canada Trust, is sponsoring the Misting Station.

They didn't say with what, so I took a detour. Plus there looked to be a lot more guys in there than girls. Hey, whose parade is this anyway?

So as not to look like too much like a gawker, I surreptitiously tried to snap a shot of the goings on.

That's called, shooting from the hip.

So from this angle, not much going on.

Actually, as I was walking from my place to the March, I came up behind two attractive blondes, holding hands. And really, they're no different than any other couples.

One was dressed in a cute brown denim dress with high heels and lacy straps up her calves. The other gal was dressed in track pants, flip flops, a sports bra and ball cap.

I thought one kinda looked like Posh Spice and the other like Sporty Spice.

So Sporty Spice beat me up for looking at Posh Spice.

See, no different than any other couple.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Ah, Yorkville...

Not to beat a dead horse (but it is what I like to do), I know several hippies who are likely spitting up in their bongs about now.

The original Yorkville is all but a vague memory. And not just because of the aforementioned bongs, either.

I posted a similar shot to this a while back, showing a few of the original buildings still hanging in there.

Or are they? Are they long for this world?

Upon closer inspection....maybe not.

So I suspect these little warriors might also go the way of the wrecking ball before too long.

Hard for someone to afford rent based on a two story shop when someone else is offering rents based on an eleventeen story slab of grey concrete.

I mean how can they.....oops, I think that horse is dead.....

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Toot, Toot!

I gotta get me one of these, too.

And these things move. Bveep, bveep! What a cool job.

Sure, everyone makes fun of you. And it sucks if it is raining. And dangerous, too, scooting along the roads with maniacs trying to get by. And likely not very well paying.

But what a cool job. You get to suction up all sorts of stuff from almost anywhere that little vacuum arm reaches (Aghh, Mr. Jingles! Sorry, lady).

Perfect for a retired guy or a five year old. Maybe I fit the best of both categories.

As Jimmy Buffett sings, "I'm growing older, but not up."

Friday, 19 June 2009

Yes, Technically, That Is Their Slogan

But from someone who does likes it a lot, it'd be more accurate as:

Those Who Like It
Like A Lot Of It!

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Sign Of The Times....

....and near the Canada/US border.

We love America! But, uhhhh, your money isn't worth crap to us.

Have a nice visit.

{The author was in beautiful Windsor this week. Man, the City of Roses has taking a beatin' during this latest recession.]

Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

Didn't there used to be more soapies and stuff in hotel bathrooms?

Hey, this Windsor problem is now affecting me!

Down, But Not Out

More Windsor.

Sure, this little fella could have given up and cashed out, with his flower pot smashed all around him by the curb.

But not this guy! He growed where he was throwed.

Thanks, But No Thanks

You gotta applaud these Windsor guys for ingenuity, but I'm not buying a scooter out of the back of a Winnebago.

However, I think it does come with what's called a "tail-light guarantee".

It's guaranteed for as long as you can see the Winnebago's tail lights.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Very Life Like....

...statue of two people on a bench.

May have to ask one exactly how life like......

Yabba Dabba Doooo!

Although words can't really describe the gargantuan size of these chops, the sign beside them tries its best.......


The Beautiful People

Great start to any weekend.

Went exploring some of the patios in my new neighbourhood. A rooftop one in this case.

And I guess the beautiful people must rise to the top. Yowza.

As we watched the gorgerous waiters and waitresses float effortlesly by, we finally asked, "Are you a model?" Our guy said to us, yes, we all are.

After a while, we figured there must be two types of people up on the patio; the beautiful and the people watching the beautiful. I got the feeling we knew in which category the waiter put us.

In between our gawking, we had an appetizer. We asked for a couple of extra slices of French bread to mop up the yummy remaining warm oil and garlic.

When he brought a few little slices back, he said we're charging you $2.50 for this. We said to each other, what? We just might not come back here!

Which was probably just fine with them. We figured they probably do this to "some" people as a kind of an "ugly charge".

Or, you're sitting there and they bring you some bread. You say, "we didn't order any bread."

"Well, you're gettin' some."

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Dear Sweety......

...wish you were here.

No, no, too corny. Rip, rip. Try again.

Dear Hot Pants....

Nope. Rip, rip. Try another.

My Darling.......


I wonder how many of these guys they had before putting up the sign?

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Several In Every Crowd

I'm so funny, snork, snork.

As I was walking by the group of police officers surrounding this Lamborghini, I casually threw in, "Officers, do you want me to move my car?" as I cleverly fumbled in my pocket for keys.

Then stood back and waited for the guffaws. And waited.

Finally, as I moved away, a woman across the street piped up, "Officers, do you want me to move my car?"

And I bet people were lined up behind her, too.

Probably a long day for those police officers. I think this is how unexpected Tasering first started.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Spare No Expense

Who says Canada has an expensive health care system.

At least not when it comes to looking after our wimmin folk.

"You know, dear, I'm fine at home, I'm feeling quite a bit better."

But if you're not, knock twice and ask for Louie.......

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Getting It Right

Was in London, Ontario last week.

Even though it's taken a beating, financially, the last few years, they've done a great job of keeping, and celebrating many of their heritage buildings in the downtown core.

A lot better than some cities, that I currently live in.

I stayed at the London Armoury, a restored...well...armoury.

It was cool that my window looked out into what was likely the old mess hall or common area. It's now the pool area, so I guess they didn't retain all the history.

They even converted the old "Gun Shed" into the new dining room.

I'da just blowed it up.

But a lot of excellent brick and limestone buildings have been saved and showcased.

I doubt if the Wright's still do lithographing anymore. But a nice reminder that they once did.

Maybe Not All Right

Okay, so maybe the Artisan's Alley could use some work. Like a few Artisans.

Otherwise, after 8pm, it will likely have to be renamed to Mugger's Alley.

[I think I mentioned London's taken a bit of a beating lately and the downtown core is a little gritty.]

Fell In Love All Over Again

What a sports bar!

Went in hoping to catch the Jays game. And to get the Yankee and Boston scores once in a while.

But I hit the freakin' jackpot! All three games - all on 42" plasmas. I didn't even have to ask.

I got whiplash trying to watch three games at once. And drink beer.

But not as much beer as some people.

I asked the waitress if there were any specials. She said pitchers of Canadian were on for 10 bucks. I looked at her and said, what do you think I am? I guess I shouldn't really have said that.

Guy beside me growls, I'll have a pitcher. And he had two, all by himself. As I mentioned, downtown attracts a bit of a rough clientele (I doubt if clientele is really the right word here).

I had a Shirley Temple and salad. Then I got beat up.

Do Not Pull Vending Machine On Top Of You

Good advice.

But who is this for? I guess people sue for just about everything nowadays.

However, the company is still vulnerable here; "you didn't underline it!"