Wednesday, 30 October 2013

This Is Not A Test

This is a real Argo game.

This is not before the game.

This is not after the game.

This was in the middle of the game.

And this was a game to lock up home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

So this was not a test.  And although it wasn't a real emergency (even though it looks like the fire alarm had been pulled) it should be seen as an emergency to the owners of the Argos.

This sad saga will come to a head, luckily, one way or another, in 2017, when their lease runs out at Skydome and they have to move, as the Blue Jays are finally installing real grass.

Where they will a another whole issue.

Stay tuned.

Or not.  No one else seems to care, so why should you......

Sunday, 27 October 2013


Doing some tiding up on my email account yesterday.

Been getting quite a few emails lately, so worried that I may be running out of storage space.


Can still squeeze in 54 million more.

But ease up anyway, please.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Very Clever, Crown & Dragon, Very Clever...

In the Nanny State capital of the world, Ontario, apparently you are not allowed to advertize Happy Hour, as this would encourage.....drinking!

(This from the province that nets a billion dollars a year selling booze through their own booze monopoly.)

So a local watering hole promotes a healthy alternative; 'Appy Hour, with half price appetizers. I support it! And often!

Oh and some dirt cheap beer prices.  (Dirt cheap, of course, from an Ontario perspective.  Still over priced beer from any where else in the world's perspective.)

And I notice this is valid from only from Monday to Sunday.

Hmmmmm........sounds like a lawyer must be involved there somewhere;  "Don't say, 'every day'.  That would encourage.....eating."

And a plug for my local - best wings in town!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Hey! The TTC Chair Reads My Blog

Good for her.

I guess it just took her a little while to read all my blog posts.

Because a while back, I posted  (see Wrong Message, Karen for a refresher) that the TTC Chair, Karen Stintz, by fighting a traffic ticket for riding through a stop sign was sending the wrong message to cyclists.

Cyclists (not all, but a lot) get a bit sanctimonious when preaching to drivers about obeying traffic rules, but cut themselves a lot of slack for the same infractions.

So the UC is pleased to provide a public service as the voice of reason to some of our city's pols.

On a somewhat related topic, when I was spell checking this entry (and when a blog is held to the absolute highest standards of integrity by both its readers, this is a must) I can understand it wouldn't have "Stintz" or "TTC" in its dictionary (the yellowed words).

But you would think a dictionary for a blog would recognize the

Post Script;  in today's (Oct 24th) Toronto Star, someone else commenting on the same issue.  See Lawbreaking Cyclists Putting Everyone In Danger .  Cool.  Just how many people are reading my blog anyway....?

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What Is This - Yonge St?

But not one arrow pointing my way.

But I thought there used to be one.

Maybe someone removed it.

Yeah, here's an earlier picture.

Who could have done that?

[Ed note: A lot of work for one cheesy picture.]

How do you know how much work it was?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hold Your Horses

Although the US mainstream media are blasting the Tea Partiers for the latest American fiscal crisis, there is lots and lots of blame to go around.

The Tea Partiers do deserve a chunk of the blame, but the US has a much bigger problem beyond them.

They have a massive spending problem  (which is really what the Tea Partiers are railing against).

And to demonstrate that, this graph shows US Federal spending (red line) compared to "Population + Inflation" growth (blue line).  Both start with an Index = 100 in 1980.

Wow!  Anybody think this is sustainable?  You cannot raise taxes enough to continue to fund this.

This link US Fiscal Cliff - Some Perspective is a post from late last year outlining the US problem, but not not much has changed.  In fact, their situation has only gotten worse.

And, of course, like last time, I can't resist a little editorializing.......

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Whew.......Retired Guys Have Still Got It!

I was afraid that as I got older my success rate with women would get even worse.

Don't have to worry about it.........

Oops....wrong pic......

 Now we're talking.........

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Let The Bells Ring Out!

Some places just really know how to do up a Grand Opening.

Doubt if I'll be able to get in.

But why do we like to do it.....up?  What's "up" got to do with it?

The stock market can go up - or down.    And the sun comes up.  That's good.

But when your time is up, that's not good.

No wonder it's hard to learn English.

It's easy to mess it up.

Well, about time to wrap this up.  [Ed note: And that's good.]

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Three Cheers For Airbrushing!

They need to invent something so you can have an airbrush look just walking around.  A 3D screen or something.

Come on, Apple, get on it!

Monday, 7 October 2013

I've Seen Pubic Hair, Man

To those of you of a certain age, you know what I'm talking about, man.

To those of you who don't, check out I've Seen Pubic Hair Man for a piece of real Canadiana.

As seen at Friday's Agro game. Didn't know those boys were from Steeltown.

Of course,  MacLean & MacLean, brothers Gary & Blair, weren't.  They were from Nova Scotia.

Unfortunately, Gary died in 2001 and Blair in 2008.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Okay, I Lied.......

Just a couple of more graphs.

So take your time with these.  Grab a coffee - or something stronger if you are a Canuck.  Or a Russian, apparently - and muse on these.....

Booze Consumption Around The World
We Canadians don't have to hide our light under a bushel basket to anyone.

Well, unless that anyone is from Russia.  Or the Ukraine.  Or Latvia.  Or Estonia. Or Belarus.

Okay, or Australia.  Or Kazakhstan.  Or France. Or Argentina.  Or Nigeria. Or Germany.  Or Spain.  Or Italy.

Holy crap, when you really look at this, what a bunch of pikers we are.

But we kick the ass of those Mongolians, I tell ya!

Booze Consumption By Booze Type
But nothing wrong with the old amber nectar, eh?

Unless you want to move up in the consumption rankings.

You'll get full before you get hammered.  Those clever Ruskies......

"The Way We Were...."
Pangaea was a super continent that existed during the late Palezoic and early Mesozoic periods, forming about 300 million years ago.

It began to break up about 200 million years ago.  With one ocean all around it.

Somebody has painstakingly recreated where each modern day country would have been.

Who knew that you could have seen Morocco from the Halifax harbour......

Earthquakes Since 1898

Pretty, but deadly.

Glad I live in boring old Central Canada.

Which, of course, was pretty close to Central Africa not that long ago.

Gotta Love The U S of A
Highest paid public servants in the US.

Unlike Canada, where ever box would say "Teacher" (sorry, Rob), it is a little different south of the border.

That is amazing.  Enough to make you spit out your  _____________ (add your drink here from 2nd graph based on nationality).

Friday, 4 October 2013

Okay, Last Graphs....

......even I'm getting tired of them.

Countries England Has Not Invaded
No, the countries in white.

There are only 22.

For being seen as generally laid back and jolly good fellows, they were certainly a bunch of busy little beavers over their history.

Size of the Moon - Put In Perspective
It's not that big, huh?

Worldwide Water Risk
Water risk?  What does water risk mean?

Well, this takes into account three components;
  1. Quantity, 
  2. Quality and 
  3. Regulatory Compliance
The lighter the better.

Once again, we're looking pretty good.

Lightning Strikes
Looks like Canada has dodged the bullet once again.

We're over there, on the right.......

And finally, if all this is putting you to sleep, well it shouldn't.....

Coffee Consumption
The darker the better.  At least that's what Tim Horton's would like you to believe.

So us Knuckleheads should be wide awake!

And no wonder Sven and Gunilla are having so much sex.  They can't sleep.  They drink more coffee than we do!  The horror.......

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Okay, only seven billion, but this is an interesting chart.

At least I think so, and that's all that counts.

So this view divides the world into seven continents, with each "continent" having one.....billion.....people.

Lotta folks in one small part of the world, eh?

Another cool view.