Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Small Town Ontario

On the way to the pig roast last week, did a little tour of small town Ontario.

Well, a tour of at least one small town in Ontario.

And that would be Portland, Ontario, on the shores of Rideau Lake, part of the Rideau Canal system.

The houses in the first pic are shown here as the little brick coloured (?) boxes on Campbell St.

We decided to walk around the town.  Which we did in about ten minutes.

But not before we took time out to visit a marina for a bite and a beverage.

On a cool little roof top patio, full of French Canadians and Americans.  In fact, it was hard to find any Ontario plates on the streets.

But disaster was barley diverted when a sneaky, silver snake slithered silently (hmmm, not bad) towards a brave, unflinching Toronto City Boy, about to bite his ear.

Or not.

Portland is just a tiny little village, but some beautiful examples of turn of the century attention to architectural detail.

Great that they have been kept in such good repair.

Or else, well obviously not a 30 story condo going up, but at least mid 20's.

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Went to a friend's family pig roast over the weekend.  Last one was held four years ago, so a lot of pent up demand for this one.

Here is the main implement that makes the magic happen.

A home made, hand made.....uhhhh.....pig turner.  Thanks, Larry.


The business end of the pig turner.

The business end works, as I found out trying to clean it.

A lot of work to do to prep for one of these shindigs.

Here; weed wacker prep.

Expert weed wackers were brought in from.....well, the basement.

And now appearing, the star of the show....well, the three stars.  All smiling.

Host, Miss Piggy,and Chief Pig Cooker.

 Ha ha, what an innocent looking little box.

Containing the foul, evil ingredients for a Quebec Garage.

No two parts the same.  No two parts fit.  More later.......

And, of course, nothing could go wrong here.

Attempting to attach flag to very tall flagpole.

And when something is bad, more is better.....

Help on the way.

And if more help is needed, a crack medical staff was on hand.

And that is an IV one of the nurses is holding on the right.  Not what you think it is.

In the end, they were not required.  Good thing!  (Just kidding, girls.)

At least for that exercise anyway.....

The stage for the evening entertainment was rolled in without incident.

Little did it know what it was getting itself in for!

Two sets of drums, three bands, lots of amps and lots and lots of guitars.  And lots and lots of volume.

I would have gotten a noise complaint if we had had this on my balcony.  Plus the stage thingy would have hung over the street too far.  And don't even talk to me about the padding required for the elevator....

Now really getting down to business.  Chief Pig Guy trussing her up good.

Looks easy all set up, eh?

Ha!  To anyone that has ever set one of these beauties up, it is an evil being.  It did not want to be set up without a fight.

And even after that, here is it trying to walk away.

And the title for this pic is......

Anyone...? Anyone.....?

Pig in a blanket, of course.

How long a hack like me has waited for this opportunity.....

Argh! Argh!

Too much testosterone on the loose!

Now we're talking!

Miss Piggy on the spit at 6:30am.

Is it time for a beer yet?  Almost......

Okay now.

Here is Assistant Pig Guy and Host.

Host is thinking "If you take one more picture......"

Okay, time to get the stage set up.

Only five amps and four microphones so far.  I laugh in its general direction.

Eager beavers starting to arrive early.

She's looking good, Vern. 

Now I don't want to say there were a lot of drinkers there.... 

So I'll let you draw your own conclusions.....

And this is an "art shot".  Not a result of too many deposits to the top bucket.  Urp....

Parking team discussing strategy.

"There are more beers in the cooler in that white car."

Just about ready.....

MC extraordinaire, Big Joe (yellow shirt) introducing one of the excellent bands, Puddle Alley. 

And that is an IV the lead singer is drinking.  Not what you think it is.

Okay, this is not an "art shot".  This is a signal that the picture taker should be taking no more pictures at this party.

So you will just have to imagine what happened after this, or wait four more years.

Which is the amount of time it will take me to recover.   Ouff....

So a huge thanks to our hosts, Claude and Mike and the whole "Staff" team for a great event!  Way to go, guys!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Monday, 9 July 2012

Pride In Our City

 The 32nd annual Pride Parade was held in Toronto last weekend.

As if most of these guys needed another excuse to strip down to their tighty whities and soak each other with cold water, it was stinkin' hot the day of the parade.

 And this should put to rest the theory that all drag queens are gorgeous.

Or at least the ones from Snug Harbor.

 I caught wind of the parade when they started staging outside my balcony.

Here one girl and five gays are walking by.  At least that's what it says on the ballons....

Later, a friend in the know told me that this is actually a TV or web cast show; 1 Girl + 5 Gays.  So I am not being cruel, as I usually like to be.

 Oh oh...looks like 1 Girl is getting some competition.

But why are 2 of the 5 Gays even talking to her?

Something's fishy.....

 And you just never know who will be participating in this parade.

I wonder if all the other Anglicans know these guys are down here?  And are proud of them?

A question for another post......

But as usual, lots of colour, loud music and the aforementioned Jockey semi-clad - and several unclad - pretty boys.

Way to go TO......

Friday, 6 July 2012

What'll They Think Of Next?

 Out for a nice walk along a quiet, leafy street yesterday. Beautiful.

And although I am only a few blocks from Yonge and Bloor, you would never know it.

Or would you......?

 What's this....?  It can't be.

Holy crap!

 It is.

The City Of Toronto will try to suck money out of your pockets any way they can!

What a cool way to keep my property taxes down!

Now I wonder if those chumps up the road know there's a little money making machine tucked in way down here?

For the city's, and my sake, I hope not......