Monday, 30 November 2009

Mike & Tod - Day 28 - Still More Beach

Delray Beach. Now that's starting to sound like southern cities should. Has a good ring to it.

Just like their lunch spot; Jupiter. I asked Mike, can you see Uranus from there? He said no, but it's sore like hell.

Ba da boom!

But good progress. cycling through Port St Lucie, Port Salerno and Palm Beach.

Palm Beach - now that's another world. The previous trip when they went through there, they got a police escort.

Not because they were feted for doing a bike tour of Florida. But so they wouldn't even think about stopping, or worse, staying.

And Mike said the police were very upfront about it. Keep moving. And they followed them 'til they were out of town.

Here Tod looks as if he is praying.

Nope, just using his iPhone to look for a campground.

And if you're camping, you're gonna need some grub.

Or as the song goes;
I wish I was in Tiajuna,
Eating barbequed igauna.

Wow, great progress.

These guys are almost there!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mike & Tod - Day 27 - More Beach

But first, let's start the day with another flat tire.

Here Danielle, who works at the Tropics Beach Motel, gives Mike some encouragement on the repairs.

But in spite of that, looks like they made good time today down the coast to Jensen Beach.

And for the second time, they're going to try camping. Let's hope Ida doesn't make a return appearance.....

But first, another flat. That's two today.

The upside, Mike said, is that he's getting really good a fixing these dang things. This one in just under five minutes.

At this rate, I think he might have a future with a pit crew at the Daytona 500.

So not far to go now.

Hang in there. Let's hope Florida doesn't run out of inner tubes.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Mike & Tod - Day 26 - All Beach All The Time

More sunshine and more beach time.

Now we're talking!

Great, sunny day to be biking along the Florida coast to Melbourne.

Okay, more beach time.

Hey, you guys are supposed to be biking....

And the guys keep meeting more folks along the way.

Actually, the guys had a great time with Kal.

Lots of stories. Lots of beverages.

And oh, yeah, another flat tire.

So guys.... keep on going!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Mike & Tod - Day 25 - More Sunshine!

"Morning has broken..." Sorry, that was yesterday.

So the guys made it all the way to...get this...Titusville. Snork, snork.

I am not kidding. That's the name of the place.

E. Buzz Miller would be proud of these guys.

Mike thinks they've found their ride home.

Not so fast, Space Cadet.

And, of course, the obligatory shot of the flat tire for the day.

Oh for crying out loud, here's #2 for the day.

Oh well, a good cook up of spicy shrimp washed down with some drive through liquor will make all those troubles fade away.

And here, as the sun sets over Titusville (I'm not kidding, that's the freakin' name of this place) the fellows say good night and get ready for another sun filled day.

So should be clear sailing down the coast from here.


[Ed. Note: Okay, so that the viewing audience won't think the author has the emotional maturity of a six year old boy, the E. Buzz Miller reference is, of course, from a classic Saturday Night Live skit with Dan Aykroyd and Larine Newman.]

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Mike & Tod - Day 24 - Sunshine!

"Morning has broken.."

In this view, Tod could actually be Cat Stevens serenading in the day. Unless that's Mike.

Looks like a great start to the first full day in Florida.

And the lads made it, without incident - no one will believe - to Flagler Beach, right on the coast.

I don't even want to know what's going on here, but the title was "Pants Off!"

I'm hoping this was quickly followed by "Shorts On!".

Florida seems to be a dangerous place for rodents.


...them's good eating too, apparently.

And as the sun sets on Tod, the fellas can get ready for tomorrow's cruise down A1A to Daytona Beach. And beyond!

So the finish line is in sight.

At least from Mapquest's comfy 40,000 foot view anyway.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Mike & Tod - Day 23 - Florida!!

Whoo hoo!! The Sunshine State!

Sort of, I guess.

Good long day of riding, but with Florida in their sights, the boys were all systems go.

Now, let's play our game and see who had the flat tire today.

Heads, it's Mike, tails, it's Tod.

Tails it is! Tod is the lucky winner!

Congratulations, Tod.

Here Mike is beside the greatest invention in the history of mankind - the drive through liquor store.

I love America!!

Maybe this explains some of those flat tires. Or maybe explains why they never really get fixed.

Here they are taking the St John's ferry across to the A1A highway.

Looks more like the St John's ferry in Newfoundland, if you ask me. I thought Florida was the Sunshine State?

Anyway, they made it to Jacksonville.

Now just an easy cruise down the coast along the A1A.

Which, by the way, is Mike's favourite Jimmy Buffett album.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Mike & Tod - Day 22 - Next Stop, Florida!

Here they are crossing into Brunswick, Georgia. Just a stone's throw from Florida, the start of the final push.

Good progress today, paralleling I95.

From a safe distance, I hope.

And here is a shot of their new buddy...errr...Buddy.

Looks like he caught what was ever in Mike's bed the last few nights. Either way, that's good eating.

And it wouldn't be a day on the biking trail without Mike contributing another flat tire.

We've seen that look before......

And here is a wild boar they came across.

So at least Mike had an excuse for the flat today. Thumpa, thumpa. Oink!

Either way, that's good eating, too. Will go nicely on Tod's Walmart Special grill.

So, the big push in Florida tomorrow.

Too bad they weren't there a couple of weeks ago when the Georgia Bulldogs played the Florida Gators in NCAA college football.

Billed as The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.

Maybe with all the good eats the boys captured today, they'll try and rival that.

Keep on trucking, guys!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Mike & Tod - Day 21 - Georgia On Their Mind

Spend a good part of the day sampling the sights and sounds of Savannah, Georgia.

And then headed to the $29/night Scottish Inn in Richmond Hill. [Hey, I was in Richmond Hill yesterday!]

And something about it does make it sound like a pretty authenic Scottish Inn. I'm thinking more bed-bug bites, though.

But - and followers of this blog will not believe this - no bike problems today.

Here they are crossing in to Georgia. They can feel the sea breeze on their faces now.

No, sorry, that was just more rain.

Mike said this is becoming like a job. So here they are at the office, for a wee breather. And a beverage.

But another 100 klics and another day closer.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Mike & Tod - Day 20 - Arrrrgghh!

Another day, another freakin' blown tire! Boy, yesterday's final line was prophetic.....

Well, gives 'em something to do during the rain. Which, of course, it did today. 55o and crummy, rainy weather.

Let's see what else the text says. Oh my...errrr...let's just say they're not in a good mood. I'm surprized Bell let that go through.

And I hope they don't read this where I say it was sunny and warm back in Ontar-iar-iar-io. Or they'll be in a fouler mood.

Late pic from the boys. Looks like Mike will be in an even fouler mood now - here he shows off the flea bites from the....well, fleabag motel they stayed in the other night. "And the fun just keeps on coming."

But they covered over 100 klics and got almmmmmost to Savannah - Beaufort South Carolina.

I don't think Tod's bike gave out (today), but, what the heck, we'll give him some blog play anyway.

Looks like he's patiently waiting for someone else to fix his bike.

So it's looks like only a couple of days til they hit the Florida border.

Okay, maybe three or four. No pressure, guys.