Friday, 24 April 2009

Not Always.......

The usual expression is "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." But not this time.

You are about to embark on a rare and candid journey, following four playboy captains of industry as we they rollick and roll through a wild weekend in Sin City.

Well, up until 9:30 each night at least. After which the rollicking slows down considerably. Okay, stops.


Huge is not referring to what you think it is. Although we saw lots of them, too.

Every hotel is honkin' huge! To walk from our hotel room to the pool took nearly twenty minutes. Okay, so we weren't staying the Executive Suite, but it was a long walk for anybody.

This is a shot from the pool of the hotel across across the street (we could see it from our window). Which was only a refreshing fifteen minute walk.

Even though literally across the street, still a full fifteen minute walk. These are large hotels.

And from the prone position poolside, the city towers over you (pun kind of intended).

And although we didn't know it, the Miss USA pageant took place at the Planet Hollywood, next door to this hotel.

Okay, we knew it, but didn't want the, what was likely, 45 minute walk, two hotels away.

Who Knew?

....that this is the pose du jour for the playboy jet set.

Certainly none of the girls, as they looked slack jawed and wide eyed.

But it conveys; Very casual. Very relaxed. Very "Guess what I'm thinking about, baby."

[In truth, after consulting with the poseur, this is the only position in which the back, hips and knees don't hurt. Who knew....]

What A Load Of......

These guys line every street. And every two feet. Handing out thousands of cards every day. And I'm guessing 99.99% wind up on the ground.

And for the ridiculous "girls direct to you in minutes", that's crap. It took way more than minutes!!

Other Fun

Seems like each hotel has a Sports Book.

You can bet on just about anything you can imagine. And not just the final score; overs/unders, spreads, three quarter time score, something called a "run", which after being explained to me too many times (by the looks on other's faces) I still don't get.

On the plus side, you get free drinks if you are betting.

I wish I wasn't too damn cheap to bet. What a dilemma for a young Scottish lad.

Here I thought I was looking the hotel next door with fancy Juliette balconies.

Until I took the twenty minute walk and found out this is a parking garage.

Of course, the opulent Caesar's Palace. And Caesar himself was there.

No one can resist Vegas, baby.

And finally, it's gold, Jerry, gold!

You know you will be kicked out of a place soon when the pisser is nicer than any furniture you have in your entire apartment.

Okay, I finally broke down and laid some bets.

Whoo hoo! I'm a winner! And even got some of those free drink coupons! I love America!!

Unclear On The Concept

I'm afraid old Ethel here, is missing out on the whole Vegas vibe thing.

Then Don't Park It On The Sidewalk In Downtown Vegas!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

It's Their Own Fault

Can you believe they'd put "DO NOT" on their bin and not underline it?

No wonder people are dumping stuff like crazy.......

Monday, 13 April 2009

Hello Mo

Or goodbye might be more appropriate.

I just found out that the Morrissey Tavern, a staple of good college boys out for some bad times back in the 70's/80's, was located right beside mia casa - where the Shoppers Drug Mart now proudly stands. I had a vibe that it was close.

Kinda cool. But kinda sad.

I had my first pint of Keith's at The Mo. And as the saying sort of goes "Those who like it, like a lot of it'. I certainly fell, tripped, stumbled into that category.

So everytime I now come down the stairs of our condo, I come out to the backdoor of what was once The Mo. I can only imagine that the sight of roadies and band members out sneakin' a dube back then would have been much cooler than watching the Shopper's bag boy dumping the trash or having a smoke.

Oh well, say hello to progress.

Mia casa poking its head over The Mo/Drugmart. And those are our townhouses over the Drug Mart sign.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Tough Call

Not if I would tell or not. [Not that I, uhhh, have to.]

But as I was trolling strolling through the gaybourhood, I saw this ad that reminded me of a recent trial here in Canada that has everyone talking about just this question.

Now although the author seldom engages in thoughtful discourse on this site, an initial attempt will be made.

A man was just convicted of first degree murder because he did not disclose he had HIV/AIDS to his sexual partners and two women died. Several more are ill.

This is reportedly the first time in the world that a first degree murder conviction has been rendered for this. Many applaud it.

However, many legal experts are asking the exact question in the ad - will this not drive testing and self reporting of the disease underground? Which they fear will make AIDS transmission rates soar.

So I don't know if this ad was in response to the trial or whether this is just normal advocacy found in the gay/lesbian part of town.

Discuss among yourselves.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Wascally Wabbit

Got quite a shock yesterday.

Went outside to take some pictures of the BBQ I have to sell, because I'm not allowed to BBQ on my balcony!! [But that's a story for another (50!!!) posts.]

As I was removing the cover, it seemed to be stuck. Not surprizing, I thought, as this was the first time I'd moved it in five months.

However, as I tugged and tugged, I felt a distinct "thump". I looked down at my feet and a dazed raccoon tumbled out.

I don't know who was more terrified mildly surprized. But he looked up and then slowly lumbered off down along the balcony and up and over the wall.

So that cover is staying off until I sell the freakin' thing.

The same thing happened to me in Calgary.

After coming back from a vacation, I couldn't understand why so many pigeons were all over my balcony. [It was actually what pigeons leave behind that was all over, but the point is the same.]

Those rats with wings had actually built a nest under that damn cover!

So I picked up each baby and squeezed them with all my might. Whoa, whoa, just kidding!

It didn't take much squeezing at all.

Okay, no babies yet or even eggs, just those $%&^$ pigeons. But my dear, 92 year old mother had good advice for me; "Kill them!"

We Got M's, You Got O's - Let's Trade!

Friday, 10 April 2009


I was hoping our local Loblaws was going to change their focus.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sending A Message?

Convinced a young lady to take my picture by the Cosmic Ray station a while back [unfortunately, that's about the only thing I can convince a young lady into doing any more], but she got the last laugh.

I will take your wretched picture, but no one else will have to gaze upon your leering eyes.

Sheesh, a simple "no" would have done it.

Ahhh..So Now It Makes Sense to why the Leafs suck so bad.

Here's a shot of the silver fox, Cliff Fletcher, ordering another as he pounds them back at a local watering hole. And he had one than one.

How does the author make that bold pronouncement?

This was snapped during our infamous one-drink-per-bar pub crawl. And by this time of the night, we were in serious violation of that very rule.

So had lots of soak time at this place to see The Fox lean forward more than once.

[Okay, so he only had a few. But what else explains the sorry state of the Leafs?]

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Looks Good Enough To Eat!

Tasty looking lemon tree.

Maybe I'll just sneak a.......

They're too clever for me.

But what kind of neighbourhood are they in, if they have to put this sign up?

Where do you want to eat tonight honey?
I dunno, how about Sheridan Nursery?