Thursday, 26 February 2015


Onion flavored "rings".  What could be better!

Reminds me of the guy that went in to a restaurant and said, "I"ll have a chocolate milkshake."

The clerk said, "They're now made with an edible oil product, not really any milk, so we just call them shakes."

He goes, "Okay, I'll have a chocolate shake and some chicken nuggets."

".....we just call them nuggets..."

And in case some fussy fellow calls me out on this, I did pull these Nutrition Facts from the Internet.  And based on this and the ingredients list, I think they should just call them Facts.

So....50 grams of fat and 1,700 Mg of sodium in one bag.  That's great - almost your full daily allowance in one quick snack!  Don't need to waste all that time eating other stuff.

Now, checking the list of ingredients, they could have also, or more accurately, called them Thiamin Mononitrate Flavored Rings, or Ferrous Sulfate Flavored Rings.

All this talk is making me thirsty!  [With apologies to Kramer.]

Monday, 23 February 2015

As Predicted

An update on this little guy >  Uh Oh.....

Never good when a for sale sign and dumpster appear at the same time.

So as predicted.....

That didn't take long.

So the only question now is.......who's next?

Maybe This Guy?

Or Maybe This Guy?

Or Maybe....Too Late!

We Have A Winner!
 Hope they can save the cool fort in the dead tree.

Actually, We Have Lots Of Winners!
Like shooting ducks in a barrel.

These guys aren't even pretending they're selling the house.

Just get the builders in here.

Well I hope this little bungalow can fly under the radar.  Amazing what a new roof and some landscaping can do....

Friday, 20 February 2015

I Am The Eradicator

[With apologies to the Kids In The Hall]

As some of you know, I often like to rail against modern development, mainly when it involves destroying some historical artifact.

So was pleased to see a plaque identifying such an artifact in my neighbourhood.

Or was I......

This canal connects Naples Bay, in Florida, to the Gulf of Mexico.

Over 1,000 years ago the Calusa tribe dug this canal as a way to get from the Gulf to the safer inland bay.  (This pic has North to the right, the canal traveling East to West.)

With the help of Mr. Google, here are a couple of more descriptive pics.

This pic has North to the top.  So a smart way to avoid having to paddle long distances in the Gulf when trying to go from inland rivers that did not connect.

This looks to be a depiction of Naples Bay, facing east, with the canal coming towards you heading to the Gulf.

Hey, I think I know that Tiki Bar on the right.  Great Happy Hour!

Now, the canal traverses a route that looks vaguely familiar to me. So was wondering if I could locate it.

D'oh!  Some developers in the 60's completely eradicated the entire canal.  To build, what else.... condos!

No trace of it left.

Who did this?  I'd like to talk to the people living there now to see if they even appreciate what they've contributed to.

D'oh!  Then better look in the mirror.

The red rectangle is our condo complex. The canal almost goes directly beneath my bedroom.

This explains why our building in on 360 pilings, each driven over 60 feet deep.

The developers were probably saying, we gotta drive these things deep, to get beneath that damn canal!

Well, at least the natives got a very cool plaque out of it so pretty much evens out.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Do Not Go In There!


Or There 

As the saying goes.....I guess money talks.  And BS walks.....around the hedge.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Oh Oh......

Stay tuned for the fate of this little guy.

But it doesn't look good for him.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

It's Always Funny Until.........'s your car.

 "Let's see, let's see...."

"My work is done here."

Yes, it is.  Yes it is.

Click here to see some Karma almost come 'a knocking to the UC.

Good thing the sunroof wasn't open......

[Pay no attention to the logo on the back of the car. It is glued on and can't come off....]

An alert (or also retired?) reader has apparently solved the problem.

I will go and check this morning....

Sunday, 1 February 2015

"I'm The King Of The World!"

"Wait, Wait, Get My Good Side"

"Nope....Had It Right The First Time"

"Maybe Not....."

"Forget It, I Am Outta Here"