Monday, 6 September 2010

Who'd A Thunk It?

As regular readers of this blog, both of you know that I tend to rail against heritage buildings being torn down to make way for....what? Anybody....anybody....?

Huge honkin' condos.

So as I am looking out my window at the site of the latest proposed indignity - twin 27 story tower behemoths going up across the street from me! - I finally noticed a fairly nondescript, small brick warehouse like structure in the background.

As I maneuvered to get a better view, it started to look slightly more interesting, tucked in amongst the trees.

The huge, bright windows of this structure now started to make it look very interesting.

Now I've already been a big Group Of Seven fan, particularly Lawren Harris.

My folks gave me a great print of his a while back.

And wouldn't you know it, I've stumbled into Lawren Harris Park! Just steps from the Urban Cowboy Park....errr...condo.


And there is a plaque just outside the building.

Now if that ain't Canadian heritage, I don't know what is!

But oh oh....

As soon as some Toronto developers read this, that place is doomed!

Luckily, the secret is safe on this blog.

[Where else on the Internet can you get this kind of privacy?]

But until then, I'll make a few more trips down the hill to enjoy its simplicity and light.

Until the current artists in residence shoo me away.....


Rob Greenfield said...

Very cool. You have to get inside.

Krys & Paul said...

I adore this building - a great view from the subway where hopefully developers never go. I just found out this year what it actually was - the benefits of being retired! What a landmark site! Thanks for the photos!