Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Read The Fine Print - Part Deaux


Talk about cheek to cheek.

If I was smart I would have taken a picture of the older building, on the right, when it was all by its lonesome.

Before its neighbour barged in.

Boy those two buildings are clmose.

"Honey?  Didn't we used to have a window in the living room?"

"Oh yeah. They came in and bricked that up the other day."

You can barely slide a piece of paper between those two.

Well, I guess the motto is, "No view is safe."


RainbowMoonbeam said...

are they combining the two buildings? How is this possible?? were there balconies on that side on the older bldg.? Yikes

Urban Cowboy said...

Actually, I think they've been bricked up for a while. But it is an apartment building, so the renters don't have much leverage. But they staged large protests, to no avail, when the condo was first announced.