Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Making The Best Of A Bad Situation

As a follow up to an earlier post of coloured dots painted on trees (see here for a refresher).....

....came across another doomed Ash tree, identified by an orange dot.

Except this time at least this sprayer here has a heart (pun not really intended), trying to make this guy's transition into firewood a little more gentle.

It is a true shame about the Emerald Ash Borer, though, as some of these trees are huge.

And very old.

At first I thought these trees aren't dead, look at all the lush greenery.

But those are all from surrounding, smaller trees.

The spindly, dead tops of these Ash trees tower over their neighbours.

Like the pathetic tufts of hair sticking out the top of my sad, sorry head.  (Memo to self: check for orange dots.)

On a somewhat similar vein, this fellow looks to have had better days.

Although from the looks, he's also had at least one very bad day.  But again, on a similar vein, maybe 99% good.

Is my glass half full or what!


Rob Greenfield said...


Urban Cowboy said...

Come on, man! My glass is more than half full. At least it was last week on your dock.

Rob Greenfield said...

temporarily, however, continually temporarily