Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Hey, I'm Working Here!

Even bugs are getting more than me!

I guess when you only live one day, you better get busy.

And in case you are thinking, that's two bugs?

Here's one feller by his lonesome.

Only 6 legs not 12.

And I guess a twist on the old joke would be;

"What's the fastest 12 legged game in town?"

"When it slips out".  Ba da boom......

And here there are again.  Taking a break, I guess.

But not too long!

Time's a ticking!

1 comment:

FINS UP2 said...

... No trim? YOU? From what I hear it ain't for your lack of trying. Perhaps, you need a change in location? Coming to a theatre near you soon! The Yorkville Yowzer!