Wednesday, 17 May 2017

"I Love Canada!"

Who says Canadian business is not as competitive as U.S. ones?

Sure, the U.S. has great Happy Hours and real deals on beer & wine.

But so do we!

Here I went on The Beer Store website, and found some excellent sales.

Just look here [double click for a better view] on 12 cans of Bud Light you save.....wait a minute, doing the math, carry the 7.....a nickel!

Better than a kick in the pants.

And it's not only Bud Light.  You can get other great deals on other beer, too.

Okay, in this case, Bud.

Another nickel saved!  Sweet!

And if you like them Tall Boys - and who does't - you save 20 cents.  Ka-ching!  That's four freakin' nickels.

You get to drink beer and save money.   "O Canada!"

I figured no need to check any more and headed straight for the Beer Store.

See ya there.


Rob Greenfield said...

pretty pathetic
got 60 cans of Coors light in Quebec for $75 all in, that's cheaper than the "big" beers per bottle at the beer store by quite a margin. The Quebec price includes tax and deposit. Who's making all the dough at the beer store?

Urban Cowboy said...

Forgot about yer K-bec. And Alberta has private beer/wine sales. So maybe it's just Ontarians that are getting it up the wahoo.

Rob Greenfield said...

I like the LCBO as it is, in the gov't hands. What I hate is the Beer Store monopoly and it's foreign ownership

FINS UP2 said...

... BC liquor is both private and public and it is priced higher than Ontario. Also, as your studies have shown, bulk purchase is no cheaper. In fact, kegs have become a premium and similarly priced to bottles. After all, you shouldn't encourage people to drink more! Never stopped any of us - - just more to bitch about.