Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Knowing Your Customer

Went to a hockey game down here in South Florida. Land of blue skies and gray hair.

The game was great with lots of excitement.

At the first period intermission, Mother Nature called.

Rather than advertising Hooters, or Bud Lite, or gator wrasslin', they were guessed it.......

And I know it was Canada Night at the rink and all, but really.......?

Lumberjack shirts on the cheerleaders?  Pretty neat, eh?

And I bet this cheer-leading squad is also going...Really, this is what we have to wear...?

This explains why there are still people who come to Canada in July with their skis.

But not all the sporting venues get a thumbs down.

Baseball, for example.....

Most places may have a "seating chart".  Not in Florida!

So might as well make use of it.

Now my mother always said, never drink anything bigger than your head.

But I'll make an exception this time.

And while we're at it, why not catch a few Z's.

[A little after this pic was taken, Sleepy's boss came by and gave him Hell.  Somehow the guys in the blue and white t-shirts (watching the prospects on a side field take some rips - were they scouts for another team?)  slipped by him.  Bossman had to kick them out himself. I have a feeling I know who he kicked out next....]

Of course after the game, time for some more of those great beers!

I don't know about the gardening accident part, but this brew was certainly bizarre.

And who in their right mind (which no longer included us at this stage) is going to be ordering a "Snowflake"?  Or a "Lavender Ale" for that matter?

Although upon further inspection - which was getting progressively more difficult by the minute - the Snowflake is actually 6.9% alcohol.  Not too shabby.

But time to move on.  To.....

...$9 Pitchers!

Have I said lately, "I Love America!"

It's Bud Light, you say?  Oh please.

Why don't we get you a couple of those nice Snowflakes instead.


Rob Greenfield said...

har har har
sounds like a hangover in the making
don't those big beers get warm? Oh, wait a sec, I forgot who was drinking them

Urban Cowboy said...

Yes, there's a secret to it.

FINS UP2 said...

Talk about a guy living in the right place! Man you hit the jack pot. My liver is glad it doesn't live inside you. Pot could be calling the kettle black if you know what I mean?