Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Is This What's It's Come to....?

At a dockside establishment recently, The Snook Inn, when quite a commotion arose.

People starting pointing and moving towards the dock area.

Then shouts of  "Oh, the pirate ship. The pirate ship!"

Then I could see this large vessel, all decked out, coming around the corner.

I couldn't quite make it out, but they were singing something.

I thought it was a pirate song I know;

"Away, away with the fife and drum.
  Here we come, full of rum!
  Looking for women to pat on the bum!
  On the North Atlantic Squadron!"


"Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!"

Then as the wind shifted, I could make out what they were actually singing;

Sweet Caroline.

Sweet Caroline?

So is this what we've come to; pirates singing Sweet Caroline?  And swaying their arms back and forth?

To redeem themselves a bit, I was able to speak briefly with the pirate captain.  And I asked him, Have you ever been capsized at sea?

He said, No, but I've been blown ashore.

Ba da boom!

And then off they went.  Hopefully looking for women to...well, you know...

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FINS UP2 said...

Reminds me of Jamaica mon, listening to the band while holding onto the table. Couldn't make out those lyrics either. Ah ya! That was it. Bet you had another for the ditch and poof the lyrics were instantly recognizable.