Wednesday, 13 June 2018

From The "Why Didn't I Think Of That" File - Part Deux

I guess chocolate manufacturers must have been thinking, "How can we sell more candy?"

"Make it like a vitamin!  That it is actually good for you!"

I think this must have have been how Arm & Hammer increased their sales a long time ago.

They probably sat around brainstorming, "How can we sell more baking soda?  A tablespoon here and there in your muffins isn't doing it for us."

So somebody must have said, "Why don't we get them to open a box and put it in the fridge.  And just leave it there!"

"Ha ha, hilarious!"

"Oh oh oh, here's another one - open a whole box.  And then throw it down the sink!!"

"Unbelievable!  You're a genius!"

Or something close to that........

[Post Script:  Coincidentally, in today's paper, an actual article about what chocolate manufacturers are trying to do as people turn away from chocolate to healthier options.  I suggest they go to Shoppers Drugmart and check out what Jamieson has already done!]

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