Thursday, 19 July 2018

You've Come A Long Way, Baby!

Took the ferry yesterday over to the Toronto Islands.

Had forgotten what an amazing view this gives you of the skyline of the fourth largest city in North America.

The Skydome on the left with the iconic CN Tower beside it.

And a forest of skyscrapers everywhere else.

But it wasn't that long ago that the TD Centre was the tallest building in Toronto.  And in the British Commonwealth.

The what? 

The TD Centre.

Huh?  Doesn't look like much.

Here, I'll zoom in.



But you're right, doesn't look like much - now.

But in 1967.....

So 50 years later, we have forgotten the profound impact it had on the city of  Toronto.  Transforming it from sleepy little colonial outpost to worldwide banking power.

Many people hated it then.

Most people can't even find it now.

At least without a little red magic marker highlighter.

So little Toronto has certainly come a long way.....