Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Above The G-20 Craziness

While Toronto below burned [Note 1], we were above it all, perched safely on rooftop patios.

[Note 1: as some may know, the G20 Leaders Summit brought with it mayhem and migraines to downtown Toronto. The Black Bloc anarchists shattered store windows on Yonge St and torched police cruisers on Queen St.

How ironic (although hypocritical is a better word) that these "protesters" rail so strongly against the very system that allows them this freedom to protest.

And condemns our capitalistic society that pays for their tuition and welfare cheques.

Okay, remove angry, retired white guy hat.]

And even though we were above all that mayhem, the police presence was still near by. Four officers at the bar - in flak jackets - close at hand.

Drinking Red Bull.

Several longs days for the boys in blue, I suspect.

But not all was doom and gloom.

Here Senor Bug Eyes models the latest eye wear fashion in looking cool while still being able to read the menu.

Although we were above the craziness, it was never far away.

For example, I found some in a pint of Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion. Where "Normal is Weird".

I bet Dorothy never tried this. Although I suspect Frank Baum did, and much more.

Senor Bug Eyes sampled the Burning Squirrel something-or-other. Tasty.

We didn't spend all our time in the clouds.

Here was an interesting eatery tucked safely beneath the street. And out of the reach of the torrential rainfall, too.

So from the looks of these snaps, we didn't fare too poorly in surviving the G20.

Although, our restaurant the night before was "locked down" by police. One too many Flying Monkeys? Nope, to keep the vandals out.

So the night would not end on a sour note, as I was leaving, the door was being held open for me.

By Kiefer Sutherland!

Double take.

Thanks, Jack.


Rob Greenfield said...

Good accounting.

Krys & Paul said...

Well, did you tip him?

I was touring a guest from NZ around on Friday - no real problem except we couldn't go up the CN Tower. She was willing to go demonstrate - was it just that I foresaw the co-opting of legitimate (yes, I said legitimate) protest by the wild bunch out for some smash and burn entertainment? No, I always think anywhere there are a lot of police around, someone is going to get hit in the head and dragged off to jail and I'm too old for that crap now.

Urban Cowboy said...

Yes, jokingly. Although Kiefer didn't smile.

But my friends said, "He didn't even know who he was, he tried to tip him!"

What a bunch of rubes......