Sunday, 20 June 2010

Loaded Again In Margaritaville

Our mentor and spiritual leader, Jimmy Buffett, has finally recognized all his toque wearing, frostback friends north of the 49th by opening the first "Margaritaville" in Canada.

In Niagara Falls.

And, of course, any self respecting toque wearer needed to be there for the grand opening.

[Self respecting, but shy, of course.]

And to steal from another song, in the hopes that Saint Jimmy might soon be there. But unfortunately, not tonight.....

The afternoon was going well, but needed a little assistance to turn it up a notch.

Okay, and another notch.

Now that's better!

Okay, camera guy's motor skills deteriorating - no more photos tonight.

But what a layout at this joint! Three levels, with patios on all levels. [The second level patio featured here.]

A virtual waterfall just off the band stage. A full size Margarita blender, in which ladies with certain...attributes...can whirl and swirl (you can watch it for hours! I'm told). And a whole bunch of people wearing bad pirate shirts and flip flops.

So welcome, Jimmy! But next time get your lazy, rum soaked a$$ up here for the opening!

Just kidding, Jimmy. Ha ha. All in fun. Just kidding.... You'll come back sometime, huh?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

JB says, "Of course UC, I'll be up that way again soon. It'll probably be just after everyone who had to pay $50 for one of my so-so made t-shirts, forgets that they had to pay that much.
See ya then!"