Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pride On The Line

It is/was World Pride in Toronto this year.

First time ever in North America.  And Toronto gets the nod.

And today was the Gay Pride Parade.

Calm Before The Storm
Here they are hiding in a leafy ravine before unleashing themselves on the public.

And being in Canada, some good themes to go with the parade.

Although I'm not sure if this float is sanctioned by the NHL.  I'm sure the uniforms are not.

And another snippet of Canadiana, of course with a Pride twist on our "Out and About" motto.

Not really sure about the theme of this float.  Electrical workers?  On break?

Although again, I'm doubting the IEWU is funding this one.  No steel toes!

The theme of this one...?   Not so sure again.

This one?


This really looks to just be a bunch of people - not even buffed people! - standing around on a float in their underwear.

Looking very similar to the people watching them.  Art imitating life?

This one?  I'll let you draw your own conclusions.  May be lost, asking directions, trying to catch up to the other float.

Okay, this one I got!!  World Pride!

I'm now one for........

Hey, my Alma Mater - U of Waterloo Engineering!

I'm even getting the wave.

Engineers can recognize other cool guys.

And of course, the corporate sponsors have to get involved.

I guess this one to get you in the mood.

And this one to help you stay in the mood.

But these guys were probably the most talented of the entire parade.

They actually did something; twirl their batons.

I am not as talented, as I could not time it to get the batons in the air.

But they were up there, baby!

But some of the most interesting viewing was on the sidelines.

Although for viewing, these guys were also quite popular, if the number of people snapping pics is any indication.

But it's not over til the fat lady sings.

Or at least the fat drag queen.

But actually this parade was far from over.  And I thought Caribana was slow!

The parade started at 1pm and this pic is at the starting point, at 3:30pm.  So I would not have to be here all night, to get a lot of these shots I walked upstream, to the staging area.

And by 4pm (three hours after the parade started) it was still packed with many more floats. And at the speed they were going, all at least an hour away from the starting point.

I'm sure it's still going on as you are reading this.

But...nobody seemed to be a hurry.

Everybody was happy just celebrating lots of different shapes, sizes, colours, boxers, briefs, pierces, punctures and every last tattooed, dangley bit.

Way to go TO!

Let's see Rio top this!

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Gord Tripe said...

Nice work, U.C. Without a doubt, the most colourful post in quite a long time. From CBC Radio comes the news that every nation is represented. I'm not sure what the LBGT community is onto, but it's something.