Tuesday, 2 September 2014

OMG! He Might Do It!

Now, this is the National Post this time, but it says many people think politicians have their heads in the clouds - or somewhere else where the sun doesn't get to - and want someone who sounds and thinks like they do. 

Minus the booze and crack.

He's a millionaire, of course, but he talks more like a thousandaire.   Which is what a lot of the people supporting him are.

And I don't think many of his supporters drink lattes or wear fine Italian leather shoes.  If they do, they pronounce it Eye-talian.

Okay, I've drifted from the theme of the article, but the idea is the same.

Can't wait to see what the Globe comes up with....

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FINS UP2 said...

Rob why throw out Frank Vetere's Super Steins from 1981? I am sure you can still remember those deep dish pizza's and the massive 32 oz drafts? Yummmm ! Pizza... and beer. That should do it! Here comes a pre-election bender.