Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hell Yeah!

Got me stuck in the middle of yer annual Swamp Buggy Parade yesterday.

Some big ol' boys gonna be running in the swamp on Sunday.

In th' mud.

Swamp buggy racing originated in this southern Florida country back in 1940 and 9.

I don't know where swamp buggies originated.

Or why.

But the buggies have come a long way since then.  With V8 engines and turning torque you wouldn't believe.

Because the dad gummed things kept getting stuck in the gol durned mud!

And, as usual, the Shriners got involved.

Here they are running around in their Yabba Yabba Do buggies, a la Fred Flintstone.

And, also as usual, the lucky Swamp Buggy Queen gets to go for a mud bath with the race winner.

Or is it the lucky race winner gets to take the Queen for a mud bath?  I can never figure that out.

Regardless, you won't see this in downtown Toronto.

Let's see, Board of Health would be involved, Transportation Safety would raise multiple concerns, women's groups would be outraged and those Yabba Dabba Do buggies would not be allowed anywhere near the street.  Oh, and I suspect there would also be a few liquor violations....

But ya gotta love the southern USA!

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