Tuesday, 7 July 2015

I'm Not Alone!

A while back I posted that some total idiot - sorry, president of the Canadian Olympic Committee  -  thought now would be a great time for Toronto to bid for the 2024 Olympics.

I guess there are also others not enamoured with the idea, based on this article.

She has a very good take on it, though, some repeated here;

On the second day of Toronto’s temporary affair with high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes for the 2015 Pan Am Games, commuters stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic were offered a bit of news surely designed to goad a few to veer off the road (and thus, keep traffic moving along): “Pan Am Games seen as possibly setting the stage for a Toronto Olympics bid.”

You start to giggle. “Did the radio host read that right? Could Toronto really be that masochistic?” More giggling. You’ve been in the car for an extra hour by now. 

Try cracking the window — that recirculated air might be getting to your head. “The Pan Am Games haven’t even started yet! They want the Olympics?” Your giggles harden and coalesce, transforming into booming, maniacal laughter. “The Olympics!” 

You feel a pinching in your side and don’t even notice that the car in front of you has progressed an extra ten feet. “Oh God,” you gasp, tightening your fingers over the leather of the steering wheel, “I’m really going to need the bathroom soon.” 

Laughter consumes you once again and you sit there, delirious, until the sudden blast of a horn behind you snaps you back into reality. You release your death-grip on the steering wheel, if only to free your hands to gesture in your rearview mirror. 

Mayor Tory [Toronto's mayor] says he will wait to see how “the overall Pan Am story goes” before making any sort of decision. To that I say: Dear God, no. Stop. Turn around. We already know how this story ends; I can’t fathom why we’d want to repeat it. 

I know exactly how she feels.   Except there would have been several expletives-deleted's during the car part.  Olympics!!


Ian Totman said...

Agreed . . . #NoToTorontoOlympicBid!
I'm sure you got tons of traffic to your blog when I linked to it from mine :-). And after looking at a couple more articles it's clear that someone makes money on this stuff - but it ain't you or me (or about 5.999 million of the 6 million people in this greater Metro Toronto area).

Urban Cowboy said...

Ahhh...that explains all the "denial of service' attacks.

And let's keep up the good "No Olympics" fight.