Thursday, 9 August 2018

How To Avert Another Crisis

A new report gives recommendations on how the province can prevent an impending mental health crisis.

The top two recommendations;
1) higher pay for psychiatrists
2) more psychiatrists

Who produced this report?

Oh.  The Coalition of Ontario Psychiatrists

And, according to the report, the province must act on this immediately!  I'm sure there's a pot shot or two in there at Doug Ford, but I didn't read the whole report.

But I am thinking of preparing my own report, by the Coalition of Old Retired Guys;

Top recommendations (although there would be many);

1) cheaper beer (hey, Dougie already did that!)
2) more hot babes that like old retired guys (okay, he's no miracle worker)

You scoff.  But my recommendations are no more self serving the psychiatrists ones.

And the province also better act on mine quickly.  Because let's face it, nobody wants an old retired guy crisis, where they all walk about telling the same old stories over and over.

What?  It's too late?

Funny.  That reminds of the time.......