Sunday, 18 April 2010

Another Sign That You REALLY, REALLY Like Beer

You go right to the Brewer's warehouse.

And they know your name.

"The usual, Mr. Joe?"

So this is where all the beer in Toronto comes from....

The trucks just go on and on and on.....

Like being at Santa's workshop.

Only much better!

Too good to be true.

The dream is over. You're not going anywhere with that keg.

Just kidding.....

"See you in a week, Joe."


Gord Tripe said...

Next HA, why don't we just get one of their BIG trucks to stop by Mike's on Day One?

Urban Cowboy said...

Great idea. And could happen, as Big Joe may be in attenance.

Rob Greenfield said...

Atta be Gordo.