Sunday, 2 May 2010


Holy stinking doodle. What happened?

Came in to work Thursday and looked out the window. Looked out again later that morning, and Shabam! All the trees were gone.

And I mean all the trees, all over this 17 acre site! What a shame.

If this was you or me doing this, we'd be slapped with an unimaginable number of fines. Don't know what's going on here.

On the plus side, I can now clearly see "The Highway of Heroes."

This site is massive.

I hope....this is not another.....big, huge, honking condo development. Oh oh....

Okay, Google, Google, Google......

Looks like the Aga Khan owns this property. The Aga Khan?!

According to Wikipedia:

"The Aga Khan Museum was announced on October 8, 2002 by the Aga Khan Development Network. It will be located on Wynford Drive, off the Don Valley Parkway in Toronto, and is expected to open in 2013."

"The 10,000 square-metre structure will be set within formal gardens and surrounded by a large park"

"The museum will become a repository of historical materials related to the Ismaili community and house research programmes related to each one of the aspects of its institutional mission."

"It will also provide a space for permanent exchanges between the Islamic and the Western worlds on educational, cultural and socioeconomic issues."

Cool. And this view looks like it is taken right from my office window. Very impressive design.

So good, the trees will be back. And no stinking condo.


Gord Tripe said...

I expect you to be first in line in 2013, representing the West on educational, cultural and socio-economic issues.Too bad they probably won't let you back in the building to recapture this view.

Urban Cowboy said...

Gord, I'm glad you recognize my outstanding diplomatic skills in culture and all that crap.

Rob Greenfield said...

I like that they take down trees so they can plant new ones, why not leave them so they have mature trees while new ones grow, or are they going to plant non-western trees in their place?

Anonymous said...

... Are you sure that is not the Right Honourable Wajid Khan the MP for Mississauga - Streetsville? Surely we can name something after him. He was a car salesman turned liberal turned conservative.

Urban Cowboy said...

I'll see if I can't sneak something into the design drawings for old Wajid.