Wednesday, 3 December 2014

More Of Good Ol' South Florida

If you're driving around and you need a beautiful place to park, this nice lot looks like it could fit the bill.

Hey.  I'm right!

As I was walking by taking the picture, the guy comes running out of his hut (looks like a dog house there on the left).

I thought, buddy, I'm just walking, I don't need to park.

Or maybe he's going to say "No pictures, no pictures!"

But no.  He wanted to give me a couple of his fridge magnets.

Might neighbourly of him.

Gotta love south Florida.....


Rob Greenfield said...

Free roosters??
Can I get one to bring home?

Urban Cowboy said...

Sure! But you know the rules.....

Gord Tripe said...

A shameless plug for a couple of fridge magnets. Now we know your price.