Saturday, 20 December 2014

Almost Famous

That was almost me in the picture.   As I was literally in the middle of this dust up last Sunday.

The big guy, pictured, was being kicked out of a local sports bar (that I coincidentally - and obviously rarely - just happened to be in) by an even bigger guy (and bouncer and owner) when I pushed between them outside the above mentioned urinal.

"Excuse me, boys, coming through." I barked, as I looked up at them.

[Ed note: Sure you did......]

Apparently - according to who you believe - this guy was either drunk (bouncer's version) or he had simply posted a less than flattering review of a meal he just had on Facebook while still at the bar.  And the owner/bouncer read the review, also while he was still in the bar, and told him to get out (other guy's story).   Darn you, Facebook!

Boy,  I doubt I can even find Facebook on my phone let alone post reviews - lucky for me.   Modern technology.  I'm glad it's left me in its dust.

It reminds me of the old expression from my younger days; "Two years ago, I couldn't spell engineer.  Now I are one!"

Ba da boom......

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