Wednesday, 1 April 2015


I guess if you don't have a boat.......


Oh, I see.....they winch the boats along to get to them to the dock.

I think there's some misleading advertising going on there.

And after I paid the $20 cover charge, too!

Now maybe this is more like it.

Hmmmm, maybe not.

More misleading advertising.

What else is going on?

Now as much as I might like Joan - and like to support local business - don't think I'm going to be sampling her homemade mountain rum any time soon.

And as we come down that mountain, I'm hoping the driver of our bus didn't sample any either.

Because, as they say, it's always fun til a tree falls on your bus.

I'm not sure if the local board of trade sponsored this (or Joan "It's really good rum!") but glad we saw this after coming down the mountain.


Gord Tripe said...

To set the record straight, it's NEVER fun until a tree falls on your bus. And, after all, the mountain rum came from "La Petit Paradise". Might not be all that bad.

Miss Daisy said...

"Petite" was the paradise! Good capture of the road conditions!!

Urban Cowboy said...

Well, as I can say is, I'm glad you weren't driving, Miss Daisy.