Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Livin' In The Land Of The Free!

So I had to get a key made.

And wanted to get a key chain to go with it.

So, always a nice idea if you can dangle your key from a Small Bullet key-chain or a Shotgun Shell key-chain.

[The  Shotgun Shell key-chain looks to be more popular.]

Or, if that doesn't do it for you, dangle it from a regular old gun key-chain.

I didn't check if you could put several of the small bullet key-chains inside the gun key-chain but figure somebody has.

If that's not enough, you can get the actual key cut in your favourite shape.

So in addition to cute umbrellas, palm trees and hammers (?), there was, of course, a sniper rifle.

I guess if you are ever in a tight situation and left home without your real gun, you could always try threatening the bad guy with your key.  "Back off, buddy."

Then while brandishing your key at buddy, you quickly unlock your front door and you're in!

Way better than waving an umbrella, or even a hammer, at him.


FINS UP2 said...

Never seen a President cry til Obama. Good for him as I cry for those poor innocent people too. Agree with what he is trying to do but it won't make a difference until you jail crazy ass people. In a free society no one needs to bare arms. In fact, no one needs to own a handgun or an assault rifle. Therefore, I favour automatic jail time for those that possess a hand gun or an assault rifle. Baring arms was back in the day and Jesse James is long ago. The hunters will still be able to hunt game with plenty of options on the fowl and animals indigenous to the US. If you have other arms, you intend to hunt people and in my book, you are the crazy ass people who need to be in jail. Sorry about the first amendment and your rights of long ago. That time and place has long past so Obama it maybe the best last gasp of your Presidency.

Urban Cowboy said...

Although I have to agree with a lot of your sentiments, I have a few issues;

1) Yore tap ain't welcome in these here pots, boy.
2) It's the Second Amendment, not the First.
3) The biggest argument down here that keeps getting brought up against this is, if you change the laws, you only take guns away from law abiding citizens. Criminals don't care 'bout no laws, boy. They're laughing if people think this will reduce crime. Just like the airport carry-on rules. I've often said, I'm sure the terrorists are saying, if only we could get our explosives in the small tubes of toothpaste! Those wascally Westerners!

Anyway, it is a real hot button item down here. Good comments.

Anonymous said...

All the Best in 2016, gents! I agree, very good comments/observations on a very 'hot' topic. With Toronto being a good example, the hand/automatic-type guns will always find their way into society and most-likely into the wrong hands. I guess what JL is pointing-out is that if you are in-possession of a non-registered/not properly licensed-owned need to get a misconduct and probably go to the penalty box, irregardless. Also, by removing them from general consumption in society, the indication is clear - they're not welcome and the penalty box awaits you. In Canada, I believe that we have now identified that committed crimes which involve the use or even possession of guns is the worst degree of certain crimes - robbery being an example of that.
This is one of though discussions right up there with religion & politics - a tough nut to crack.

JA, I did notice that they also have a key shaped like a religious cross, which I think is a great option to deal with any vampires lurking about - do they have vampires in Florida?

Mr. P

FINS UP2 said...

... Clarification, I support the right to have a gun used for hunting. I don't support possessing any kind of hand gun, assault rifles (or non-hunting equipment). Trust me you can protect yourself with a shotgun in your house. Outside I am afraid, you're a moving target. Come to think of it, you are target even if your packing?! I don't support any kind registry as it cost us Canadians nothing but money and didn't work or fix crimes committed with guns. However, it did prove that most crimes use concealed weapons (hand guns) cause you can't see what is coming. The assault weapons used in mass shootings which can spew hundreds of rounds of ammo only use is in war. You don't take them duck hunting. We need to give up some rights to get as many non-hunting guns off the street as possible to deplete the possibilities and hunt those thugs who have them. Straight to jail do not pass go, do not collect $100, no warnings, no pleas, no reduced sentence = 10 years in the clinker. Very true, harden criminals who use them for criminal activity would still think nothing of having them but this would be a small percentage. The average Joe who lawfully gave them up would then not have to worry about his kid shooting himself or bringing it to school or getting depressed and shooting up the movie theatre. We will never beat crazy - - we just have to give crazy less of chance. I think the odd kid looking into a gang might also think twice about going to the big house when he is packing. I know one thing - - doing nothing results in the same result time and time again. Go Obama Go !