Sunday, 12 September 2010

Post Game Party? a Jays game?

No, in spite of the dead soldiers in the foreground, this snap was actually taken during a game.

Below is a shot when the game is really, truly over. But not much of a difference.

But from the number of fans in the stands - or the number not in the stands - it is hard to tell if a game is really on or those people simply wandered in by mistake.

Now, your intrepid reporters were forced to order several additional live soldiers in order to obtain this rare footage. You're welcome.

Sad times for the Jays though. 10,000 was the announced crowd - can you call that a crowd?

But not for everyone. During a recent Yankee game, they were bemoaning the fact they had only 44,000 that night. The lowest night of the year. And, gee, who were they playing?

Yes, Yankees are first in attendance this year, but amazingly, the Jays are not last. They're actually 25th out of 30 teams!

Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Miami, Oakland and Cleveland are all worse.

But when you factor in road attendance, where the Jays really get spanked, they are dead last.

Yea!!! At least we lead the majors in something!

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Krys & Paul said...

Is it too obvious to say "How the mighty are fallen"? Is it possible that Toronto will manage two teams that never win the series again?