Thursday, 30 September 2010

I Kid You Not

As documented in an earlier post, I was gobsmacked (when am I not) by the fact although a blueberry container said "Product of Canada", the little buggers were actually conceived and grown in Naples, Florida.

See "Sneaky Mr. Blueberry" for details of gobsmacking post.

Histrionics aside, current point is that in Canada I have to buy Naples blueberries. But while recently in Naples, I went into the grocery store and saw some tasty looking blueberries.

And where were they grown?

....Canada! Abbotsford, B.C. I couldn't believe it!!

As I waved the offending box of blueberries I started telling the woman beside me the crazy story.

Her eyes widened as I went on, not, unfortunately, because I am a good story teller, but because she apparently only spoke German. [Although the German and English words for "Security!" sound remarkably the same.]

Now although the idea that to reduce your carbon footprint you must buy local has been generally debunked as far too simplistic (transportation represents only a small portion of the Total Lifecycle Carbon Emissions, dwarfed by production emissions) that little fruit fandango does seem rather strange to me.

Why not sell the Naples berries to Neapolitans and Canadian berries to Canucks?

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Krys & Paul said...

And take out all the markup opportunities for truckdrivers, loading and unloading staff, logistics people, etc??!?!?!