Sunday, 11 July 2010

Could It Be A Chain?

Not the venerable old Wheatsheaf at Bathurst and King in Toronto! A sister ale house in New York?

Nope - just a plaque hanging in my buddy's house.

And here is a very interesting mural on the side of an old warehouse in the same Seaport area from an earlier post.

Hard to tell which are real features and which are simply painted.

Okay, maybe not for everyone, but I had to walk right up to it to see that the upper gabled windows on the left were in fact flush with the wall. As the shadows were drawn perfectly for that time of day.

[Brooklyn Bridge on the right. The one in the middle of the building is painted. I didn't have to walk up for that one.]

Also went to a Civil War museum. Where two of the bravest, yet virtually unknown, soldiers are honoured; General Daniels and the even lesser known, General Arnotti.

If anyone does not believe in reincarnation....think again......

Desperado's.....Born 200 Years Too Late
We would have been there if we could!

In the meantime, we'll have to make due with $4 beers.

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Rob Greenfield said...

Those are big tubs of $4 beers.