Friday, 30 July 2010

Very Sneaky, Mr. Blueberry

If you look closely, but not too closely or you'll go blind because of my piece of crap camera/phone thingy, you'll see these blueberries say "Product of Canada".

But if you look even closer, you'll see that Naturipe Farms is actually in Naples, Florida.

What, who?

Is there some sneaky labeling rule that if you do a tiny something - like put them in the plastic box - they are now considered a product of Canada?

Okay, Google, Google, Google.......

Guess so. Because according to the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, "The food can be grown elsewhere, but if 50.1 per cent of its cost is Canadian then it becomes a Product of Canada."

They say this is misleading. And I believe them.

But even so, how can 50.1% of the cost be for putting them blueberries in a little box. Unless maybe they have Celine Dion putting the dang things in one by one.

Ouff, my head hurts.

Maybe I'll stick to ranting about tearing down heritage buildings. Then I have no trouble calling it "Destroyed in Canada".

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Anonymous said...

Good thing you retired guys didn't get on cost? That would have been really something...?